5 Things To Consider When Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Motor

Home and business owners looking for the perfect garage door motor must consider several factors before buying. However, with today’s increasingly innovative accessories for garage doors, the decision can be overwhelming. Whether the person is a seasoned or first-time buyer, here are some helpful points to take into consideration. First, homeowners should determine the size and weight of their doors. A bigger door means a bigger motor. Next, the type of door one has will require different motors. Finally, cost and maintenance requirements should be examined. For example, sectional openers are more expensive, while roller door openers require less maintenance overall. Here are a few more things to consider:

1. Check Available Space

How much space can one allot for the garage door? This is a big factor. Generally, a roller door will require extra space around the door, while a sectional door means one needs extra space right above it, plus even more space in the garage roof.

2. Residential or Commercial Needs?

Depending on whether a buyer is a residential or a commercial customer, the garage door will again be different. Usually, a residential space is fitted with stylish, sectional doors, while commercial garages can go for the for roller type. These may be less trendy, but also require less maintenance in the long run.

3. What’s the Budget?

Any garage door motor should be seen as an investment. No matter the type or brand, homeowners should prioritize the quality. They should look for those that will last for years to come. The popular chain drive opener, for example, is relatively simple. Because of this, it could be the most affordable option. However, the homeowner will need to be able to tolerate the noise — not to mention the neighbors! Those in the market for a more high-end piece of garage door motor can be a bit more flexible if they have a larger budget.

4. Determine the Needs of the Location

More suburban locations opt for sectional doors, while a rural location might choose the roller type of doors. There is also the question of climate and weather. These two factors can make a huge difference when selecting garage doors. Homeowners need to consider the different opening mechanisms. Each has its pros and cons, so doing the right research, asking the important questions, and knowing the location and type of system necessary will help to make the right decision.

5. Choose a Type With Available Spare Parts

Depending on how often a garage door is used, it may enjoy a long life or suffer a short one and need lots of repairs. The more frequently it is opened and closed, the faster it will wear out. If the buyer wants to use it often, then the best option are garage door motors whose spare parts can be easily replaced. Sometimes, these are also the cheaper option, as the buyer expects more wear and tear, and therefore chooses a cheaper model. Again, the decision for garage door motors will depend on a buyer’s needs. At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we specialize in all types of Garage Door Services. From Garage Door Installation to remote repair and spare parts. We also offer great garage door installation prices. Give us a call if you need help with the selection or could use our services.

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