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Merlin Garage Door Opener

For years now, Merlin has been one of the industry leaders in garage door motor manufacturers. Their compliance with all Australian and New Zealand standards, safety features, and thorough testing has made Merlin the number one choice in motorized garage door openers in both commercial and residential settings. There are two main types of Merlin garage door openers: sectional and roller. Each type has their own list of benefits and is backed by Merlin’s five- or seven-year manufacturer warranty. 

Sectional Openers

Sectional garage door motors are a great solution for opening and closing your garage door automatically with minimal effort. Currently, Merlin offers many options for sectional door motors. Here are a few models to consider:

Commander MyQ

The Commander MYQ is a quiet and powerful 24V DC motor rated for areas up to 20 -square meters. It features an 18-second to 21-second open/close time (dependent on door size), and is suitable for steel and timber spring-balanced door.

CyclonePro PS

Merlin’s CyclonePro PS is a single dwelling residential sectional door motor ideal for heavy custom doors that are cyclone wind rated. Designed for powerful operation, the CyclonePro uses 1200N peak pulling force to operate doors weighing up to 286kg. It’s backed by a five-year/10,000-cycle warranty and comes preloaded with all of Merlin’s standard safety features.


The WhisperDrive is a quiet and powerful DC motor able to operate garage doors up to 130kg. Backed with a seven-year/15,000-cycle warranty, the WhisperDrive was built to last and features two energy efficient 40-watt halogen lights to keep your garage fully illuminated during operation. The WhisperDrive is also built with advanced technology to be more energy efficient, which means it uses less than one watt of power when in standby. 

Roller Openers

For garage door installs requiring a more compact motorized solution, Merlin also offers a variety of roller motor options. Currently, Merlin offers four different models for roller motor installations:

SilentDrive Pro

The SilentDrive PRO is Australia’s favorite motorized solution for single or double residentials roller doors. Backed with a seven-year/15,000-cycle warranty, the SilentDrive PRO operates with 13-second open/close times and is compatible with steel spring-balanced doors up to 120kg.


For a light commercial and residential windlocked solutions, Overdrive is the perfect choice. Quiet and powerful, Overdrive has the strength to open any type two roller door up to 250kg. Using Merlin’s Evercharge™ Battery backup technology, the Overdrive can always operate, even when there has been a power failure. It’s backed by a two-year/5,000-cycle warranty.


The WeatherDrive is designed for power sheds and carport roller doors up to 100kg. WeatherDrive uses adaptive technology to automatically adjust to door spring and hinge operation in varying weather conditions, meaning less required maintenance over time. 


When it comes to deciding whether you need a motorized solution for your garage door operation, there are several benefits that motorized garage openers can offer. Convenience is one of the first considerations that most people look for in automated garage door operation. Merlin gives users several options for easy operation, from its large selection of wireless openers to its MyQ technology, giving you the ability to control and monitor your garage door operation right from your smartphone. With MyQ, you’re able to receive security alerts and notifications directly to your phone and schedule door closing times even when you’re not at home. Merlin is part of the Chamberlain Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic garage door openers. Their industry experience makes them the gold standard in motorized garage door solutions. With five- and seven-year manufacturer warranties (depending on model), Eden Roc service technicians can help answer any questions and address any issues you might have during the life of the product. With Merlin’s superior quality products and service, their garage door motors are an excellent choice for your next commercial or residential project.