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Merlin Commander Ultimate




The Commander Ultimate is the most premium sectional garage door opener manufactured by Merlin, ideal for homeowners whose garage is equipped with a sectional garage door but do not have the space for a standard-style sectional garage door motor.

This ‘smart-opener’ has in-built integrated MyQ Wifi technology, giving users complete control of the door from their phone.

The Commander Ultimate has an equal-industry-best warranty with 7 years, and comes stacked with accessories including:

  • x2 Wireless Remotes
  • Independent MyQ Led Light
  • PE Safety Beams –  ‘The Protector System
  • Smart Control Panel
  • Automatic Door Lock
  • Cable Tension Monitor
  • Integrated Battery Back-up

Additionally, with The Commander Ultimate, you can consider a number of powerful add-ons including:

  • Wireless Security Keypad
  • Single Button Remote Control with Car Visor Clip
  • Three Button Remote Control with Car Visor Clip


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