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Who is B&D Garage Doors?

Established in 1956 and with an over 60 year long history, B&D Garage doors has become the bedrock of Australian garage door manufacturing with factories in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Having produced over 5 million doors across multiple continents they consistently meet their promise of providing long-lasting, reliable doors to all their customers.

With a factory right here in Perth, Western Australia and as a close partner with Eden Roc Garage Doors, B&D doors, openers, parts and support are never too far away for our local customers.

Understanding B&D garage doors

Manufactured from Colorbond Steel, B&D garage doors guarantee high quality production with Australian made steel that is designed to withstand the harsh Aussie Climate and to meet the classic Australian garage door designs they established so many decades ago.

B&D have developed their own unique and effective designs for all possible contexts with Commercial, Sectional and their world famous Roller Doors. They additionally provide custom and timberlook designs for clients seeking personalised, original looks to match their properties.

We recommend B&D doors to our customers because of their durability against ageing and weathering and their security-aware engineering. More than any other garage door manufacturers in the Australian industry, B&D have dedicated themselves to continually meeting and exceeding the demands and concerns of their customers with innovative new looks, designs and additional features.

The cost of B&D garage doors

While prices may vary (and commercial customers may need direct consultation over the prices of B&D’s range of industrial doors) roller doors from B&D can range between $1,700 to $4,500 while their range of premium sectional doors can start as early as $2,000 climbing up to $9,500. Prices will vary depending on add-on features, designs, single or double door sizing and the preferred finish. We recommend you consult with one of our garage door specialists today for more information or quotes on our garage door prices.

B&D’s range of Sectional Garage Doors

Here at Eden Roc Garage Doors, we supply and install a wide range of B&D sectional garage doors. From their custom Ali-Panel series ‘Panelift Icon’ and it’s sheer panel design to the classic Panelift design we’ve come to know and love as the classic Australian residential sectional garage door.

B&D sectional doors are also known for their intuitive engineering with a pinch-free hinge design to protect you and you family members from accident and injury. Not only this but B&D Sectional garage doors are designed to be retro-fitted with insulation to regulate interior temperatures and to quieten noise entering and exiting your garage.

Panelift Icon Sheer Panel series

B&D’s custom ali-panel series known as the Panelift Icon Sectional Garage door is a magnificent design option for homeowners seeking a sleek sheer panel design best for matching with modern homes. Not only do they come with a wide series of panel configurations, but feature a large collection of additional features unavailable with their traditional Panelift designs.

These include: Auto-locks, corrosion resistant stainless steel cables, smooth tracks (Twin wheel system, that provides even quieter operation.); 360° perimeter seals to prevent dust and leaves entering your garage; spring cycles designed to withstand 20,000 – 30,000 uses, options for doors taller than 3.4meters (to a maximum of 3.99 meters) and additional colours & finishes of their Alpolic and luxe designs.

These incredible Panelift Icon doors don’t just come in the classic white and grey you may be use to seeing them in but feature a wide range of potential colours across the entire Colorbond Steel and Colorbond Steel Matt range.

Panelift Sectional Garage Door series

B&D’s collection of Panelift doors have grown and developed along with Australian culture and residential architecture since it’s initial creation, becoming the leading manufacturer of the well-known garage door designs and profiles recognisable across all Aussie suburbs.

Falling predominantly within or “premium range” of sectional doors, B&D designs are both modern and anachronistic with their looks being suitable for any Australian home. These doors can be fitted with quality auto-lock and smart home openers, allowing you access to the most advanced and recent technologies available to new garage doors.

You can upgrade these doors with Insulation, wireless safety beams, weather seals, high wind protection/support and their CSIRO tested BAL-Maze systems for protection against bush-fires.

B&D’s Range of Panelift Profiles include:

Nullabor › Distinctive flat panels that deliver a minimalist modern look and maximum street appeal.

– Nullabor woodgrain Textured
– Nullabor smooth (Only available for Panelift Icon doors)

Modern Straight Line › Clean, sharp lines for a fresh modern look suited to a range of home styles

– Seville
– Turino
– Madrid

These Modern Straight Line doors are available in B&Ds Knotwood range – a timberlook design that is a high quality wood grain texture finish that looks and feels just like it was produced from real timber.

Classic › Timeless geometric patterns that bring the best out of your home

– Statesman
– Grange
– Federation

Available with B&D’s Statesman, Federation and Grange style doors are additional windows that can allow light into your garage, saving on electricity costs. They can come in two forms – that being Stocktan designs and Plain designs. We recommend you look into which type of window best suits your home before purchasing. These designs can also change according to the door of your choice.


Since their initial conception in 1956, B&D have led the garage door industry with its groundbreaking roller door designs with over 2.5 million sales of their Roll-A-Door roller garage doors alone.

Roll-A-Door Neo (R1N)
Easily B&D’s best roller door, the Roll-A-Door Neo features a well-manufactured sectional door look designed for use on a roller door motor and drum. With a 180mm long by 16mm deep corrugated steel curtain profile, this door could easily pass as a sectional door while maintaining all the benefits of the roller door design. One can front a residential home with this design and not have the industrial, urban look and feel that other roller doors have.

The Roll-A-Door Neo additionally comes standard with a weather seal preventing the unwanted entry of water and leaves into your garage as well as a 10 year total confidence warranty. The Roll-A-Door Neo as yet, however, only comes in a single door size. Speak to one of our Eden Roc garage Door specialists today if you’re interested in one of these impressive roller doors.

* B&D’s Roll-A-Door® R1D (Deluxe Single) and R1N (Neo) branded Roller Doors have a unique castellated drum, mini-groove top sheet with curtain separator. In conjunction with our dual roller, these features ensure consistent balance, and reduced chance of paint rub, friction and noise.

Roll-A-Door Deluxe
With it’s square line minimal profile and mini-groove design, this best-selling Roll-A-Door design has become the staple roller door across Australia with many home owners looking for a contemporary, smooth operating roller door for residential and urban usage. Springs are tested to 30,000 cycles and our double doors come standard with 0.5mm curtain thickness and a weather seal to protect entry of outdoor elements.

These impressive, residential home friendly designs are easy to use and are capable of withstanding the harsh Australian climate. We recommend the Deluxe series for it’s reliable and long-lasting relationship with the Australian public. It comes in both single and double sizes and is produced from colorbond steel, providing buyers with the full range of colorbond colours to choose from.

* B&D’s Roll-A-Door® R1D (Deluxe Single) and R1N (Neo) branded Roller Doors have a unique castellated drum, mini-groove top sheet with curtain separator. In conjunction with our dual roller, these features ensure consistent balance, and reduced chance of paint rub, friction and noise.

Roll-A-Door Traditional
The roller door that Australian culture cannot do without. The Roll-A-Door Traditional offers a deeper, rounder and more rigid profile, suitable for frequent use and harsher climates. With 20mm deep grooves, this minimalist roller door design has developed over the course of many decades to become the most suitable double roller design for Australian homes, sheds, storage areas and small businesses.

For smooth and quiet use, Nylofelt running strips are installed into this roller door’s tracks to make provide owner with silent operation for years to come. This door comes fitted with a deep cushioning Weatherseal to prevent entry of unnecessary water and leaves into your storage space.

Easy on budget but high on it’s quality, the single and double size RollMasta roller doors from B&D are a reliable and easily recognisable garage door, best suited for sheds, storage areas and businesses looking to safely and reliably shut up shop and protect from the elements and intruders. They come fitted with a Weatherseal and have 15,000 cycle tested springs, ensuring long-lasting use and tremendous value for those looking for a simple and effective roller garage door.

Produced from colorbond steel, the Firmadoor is B&D’s most affordable roller door. Hardy and reliable, it features a durable design intended to withstand intruders and the invasive elements of the harsh Australian Climate.

High-Wind Rated Roll-A-Door
Designed for the highly extraneous circumstances of the north Australian coastal regions, this roller door and rail design are configured to match your regions harsh climate. Battling high winds, these designs maintain the classic Roll-A-Door look while keeping their weather sealing and holding captive your door’s edge. With this kind of product, you’ll never see high winds dislocating the door from its rails. Be sure to speak with a specialist before purchasing to confirm whether your region calls for this extra-precautionary measure.

This rare but nifty design features your classic Colorbond steel roll-a-door curtain sheet roller door on the tracks of a sectional garage door, belt operated by hand or preferably by an automatic sectional door opener. The door sheet, instead of furling into a roll, lifts up into an over head position along the ceiling, much the same as sectional doors. This design is for those seeking the look and benefits of a roller door but don’t have the space or the right circumstances to allow a furled sheet system above their entryway.


For highly specific circumstances, Commercial doors are required to play a major role in the Australian business sector. It is integral that their correct use and installation be carried out by professionals and with specialist consultation to ensure commercial businesses don’t see their premises fall victim to theft, robbery, intrusion and vandalism. These doors are not intended for residential purposes but for facilities such as:

  • Self-parking structures
  • Self storage
  • Factories; and
  • Shopfronts

For the most in-depth and ideal consultation, we recommend speaking to one of our Eden Roc Specialists today. Otherwise, for a detailed run-down on a number of the commercial door options available to B&D and Eden Roc Garage Door clients, check out the options below!

P7 Industrial
The B&D P7™ Industrial door is an innovative, sectional overhead panel door that can be purposely designed to suit its application. The lightweight aluminium frame of the P7 Industrial holds different styles of panel inserts from a range of long lasting, durable materials including acrylic and aluminium. P7 Industrial can be installed with an aluminium finish or with a choice of over 100 powder coat colours – enough to complement any commercial building’s décor.

Constructed from 1.5mm box shaped aluminium extruded frame, screwed together with a range of insert options to choose from.

BEST FOR carparks, private parking, kiosks, shopping centres, shopfronts
Standard Features
• Large range of sizes from 1370mm (h) x 1800mm (w) to 4500mm (h) x 7620mm (w)
• Range of insert options available to suit your application
• Custom panel sizes and evenly spaced insert openings ensure your door looks symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing
• Soft pliable weatherseal helps stop leaves and rain entering under the door
• Frame manufactured from industrial strength anodised aluminium and available in an extensive powder coating colour selection, to compliment your colour scheme

Roll-A-Shutter Standard Collection

The B&D Roll-A-Shutter Standard Collection is suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial requirements and features a selection of shutters for virtually any application – from the largest building complexes to small single factories and warehouses.

6/100 – For all-round light industrial applications – manual, chain-geared or powered options.
8/100 – For most general purpose applications such as medium-sized factory doorways – manual, chain-geared or powered options.
10/100 – For heavy-duty wind loading and large openings – chain-geared or heavy-duty powered options.
12/100 – Robust access door, for building perimeter security or storage applications – manual, chain-geared or powered options.

Standard features
• Weatherseals
• Aluminium bottom rail
• Standard guide-mounted lockable chain clip for all electric and chain-operated shutters
• Full range of powdercoat or galvanised slats
• Heavy-duty steel drum and bracket assemblies
• Steel curtain
• 70mm deep galvanised steel standard channel guide
• 90mm deep galvanised steel highwind guide. (Registered Design No.357673)
• Recommended Opener: ATA 3000, 3100 or GFA Springless

8/50 Industrial Roll-A-Shutter

The 8/50 Roll-A-Shutter curtain is made from 0.8mm thick galvanised steel with zinc coating of no less than 275g/m2, roll-formed into a deep profile slat with a nominal effective width of 50mm. The curtain is fitted with moulded nylon clips to the ends of alternate slats. Optional malleable iron clips can be specified for areas where high temperatures are encountered.

BEST FOR Commercial, small and light industrial applications like kiosks, shops, trucks and vans.

Standard Features
• Chain–drive: Fitted with a spur gear attached to one end of the drum and meshing with a number of gears to give a desired gear ratio depending on shutter size. Motor-drive: fitted with a sprocket to one end of the drum and driven by transmission chain
• Shutter support brackets are fabricated from 50mm x 50mm x 6mm mild angle steel
• Helical torsion type springs made from spring steel wire conforming to AS1472
• Various locking options available
• Curtain, guides and box bottom rails are zinc coated galvanised steel
• Bottom rails are mill-finished aluminium

Series 40/65/90

Our aluminium range of Roll-A-Shutters uses a combination of curtains and slat styles to suit different applications from sporting complexes, shopfronts and bars to shopping centre shopfronts, arcades and secure parking structures.

40: BEST FOR Sporting complexes, clubs, bars, fire reel enclosures and counter tops. A slimline flat slat curtain which can be slotted on request to provide ventilation
65: BEST FOR Retail shop fronts, arcades, clubs and bars An interlocking flat curtain designed to provide an attractive appearance. The door curtain can be slotted to create a different design or increase ventilation
90: BEST FOR Shop fronts, secure parking structures, arcades, clubs and bars. Heavy duty aluminium extrusion curtain, ensures maximum security. Built using solid aluminium interlocking sections and can be slotted or perforated

Standard Features
• Alternative aluminium sections are fitted with moulded end clips to reduce friction
• Spring assisted drum assembly – central shaft carries helical springs to ensure smooth effortless operation
• Can be motorised or manually operated
• Versatile tracking system can be mounted between or behind wall fix
• Can be fitted with a centrally mounted locking system (not recommended for motorised doors)
• Provide 95mm x 25mm vent slots at 70mm spacing as required in roller shutter
• Slotting may include polycarbonate backing panel to reduce foreign particle entry
• Supplied with a sturdy T-Rail bottom rail providing additional strength

Clear-A-View Polycarbonate Shutter

The B&D Roll-A-Shutter Clear-A-View Industrial Type Poly Carbonate Shutters are specifically designed with retailers in mind. They allow for continual showcasing and product advertisement when the door is closed. They can be supplied in a vast range of sizes colour finishes.

BEST FOR Shopfronts, arcades, sporting complexes, clubs, bars and counter tops

Standard Features
• Supplied with a sturdy aluminium T-Rail bottom rail providing additional strength to the door
• Curtain is 100mm polycarbonate interlocking with 30mm rigid aluminium sections with moulded end caps to reduce friction.
• The 50mm x 35mm versatile aluminium door tracks can be mounted between wall fix or behind wall fix
• May be fitted with a centrally mounted locking mechanism within the mid-rail at approximately 900mm above floor level or within the bottom rail
• Slotting – can be provided at 95mm x 25mm vent slots at 70mm spacing where required in the roller shutter


The Industrial Grille-type Aluminium Shutters have a sleek, easy-to-operate aluminium curtain, specifically designed from aluminium extrusion for a high level of security. They are a cost-effective product designed to maintain the feeling of openness between internal and external spaces, where ventilation or visual product branding is needed.

BEST FOR Arcades, sporting complexes, clubs, bars, counter tops and car park common entry

Standard Features
• Supplied standard in a clear anodised finish (Matt Natural), but can be powder coated as an optional extra
• Sturdy T-Rail aluminium bottom rail providing additional strength
• 100mm x 35mm aluminium door tracks can be mounted between wall fix or behind wall fix
• May be fitted with central mounted locking mechanism within the bottom rail. Locking mechanism is generally concealed.

Roll-A-Door Mini Warehouse

Roll-A-Door S1 Mini Warehouse door delivers high standards of durability, security, operational ease, and most importantly, product longevity. Constructed from .4mm steel curtain with Nylofelt® to minimise friction ensuring a continuous smooth, quiet operation.

BEST FOR Storage centres, kiosks, mini warehouses and shopfronts

Standard Features
• Smooth, quiet operation
• High wind rated roller door
• Precision springing
• Consistent balance
• Bottom weatherseal
• Wide range of colours
• 7 Year warranty on door

B&D Door Add-on features

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing a B&D roll-a-door is the many additional features that come with and can be retro-fitted to your roller door.

Weatherseals for protecting your garage from unwanted entry of water, leaves and dust.
High-wind rated roller door tracks to prevent your door from dislocating in cyclone prone weather conditions.

Wireless safety beams that prevent property and residents from being hit by closing doors passing during operation.

Smart Door Solutions available with state-of-the-art garage door openers that allow users to check the status and open/close their garage doors from anywhere via their smart phones.

Rechargeable Back-up batteries that can operate your door independently in the case of power outage.

B&D Auto-Lock Systems to further prevent intrusion and unwanted lifting of your roller and sectional garage doors.

Retro-fitted Insulation of your garage doors to dampen intrusive sound entering and exiting your garage door and to regulate temperatures in garages and storage spaces being utilised for more than just a carport but for recreational purposes.

B&D’s Garage Door Colours & Finishes

Because all B&D garage doors are produced from colorbond steel, this offers customers access to the full range of colorbond Steel colours – over 60 popular colour & Finish options. Particular doors and styles however can open up even more opportunities for our customers too, such as the Knotwood woodgrain textured finish – available to those purchasing Sectional doors from their “Modern Straight Line” series or the Alpolic and Alucobond fire resistant rolled edge panels available to those interested in the custom Panelift Icon series.

Maintaining you B&D Garage door

Garage doors are an expensive investment and require regular maintenance and servicing to make up for the harsh amount of weathering and frequent use they are built to withstand. We recommend that our Eden Roc Garage Door customers, regardless of their choice in door, to maintain warranty and smooth operation, have their doors regularly serviced every 12 months to two years.

For more on how you can maintain your own garage door and getting the help of our garage door specialists, visit our Garage Door Services page to get the all encompassing in-depth look.

B&D door warranty

B&D garage doors all come with their individual 10, 7 or 3 year confidence warranties when purchased separately. Eden Room Garage Doors however provides customers (who purchase both a garage door and opener) our 15 Year Complete Warranty. To find out more, visit our Warranty page for more information.