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Garage Door Insulation

An insulated garage doors go a long way to improving your garage. It works to reduce the transfer of heat and noise within the garage; the temperature of the garage will tend to fluctuate less throughout the day, and street noise will be dampened significantly.
This will allow you to use the garage as a functional room within the greater house.

New Insulated Doors

The Benefits

• Up to 30% reduced thermal transmission (R Value 2.2)
Strong Rigid construction | B-2 European Fire Rating
The only monoshell on the market (prevents delamination)
European Engineered and Manufactured by world leader in insulated   doors
Built in finger protection | Optinal – top and side draft seals
Registered European wind loading EN12323 Class 5 = 171 kmph
Smoother quieter operation | Clean attractive interior | Considerable Noise Reduction | Modern Profiles | Largest colour range  

Black Insulated Garage Door - Thermoflat
Benefits Of Thermoflat insulation


0.48mm outer skin (no oil canning)
• PUR foam to 38020kg NO HFC, CGC, HCFC
Poluester or PVC film coating
Full length triple folds for stronger hinge fixings
Maximum unsupported length 5.5m
• Lengths up 6m are readily stocked
European designed and produced
• Can be two pak painted to most colours
Full monoshell construction to keep moisture out of foam
Finger protection inside and out
Thermal break seal between panels 

What is garage door Insulation?

An insulated garage door is very similar to that of a traditional sectional garage door.
The difference between these 2 types of garage doors is that insulated garage doors have had a thickening insulation material added to the panels. This additional insulation material prevents the transfer of heat and sound through the garage door. The result of this is a garage which is able to maintain the internal temperature with greater efficiency. This allows the garage to function as another additional live-in room within the house. 

Insulated garage doors are the ultimate in energy efficient solutions, providing a dramatic reduction in sound transfer, and reducing the transfer of hot or cold air into your garage.

Insulated garage doors vs sectional garage doors?

Despite the similarities in appearance, there are a number of differences between insulated and sectional garage doors. These differences are a result of the addition of the insulating material to the insulated garage doors. This material works to prevents the transfer of heat and noise through the door. As a result of this additional material, insulated garage doors are significantly heavier than their sectional door equivalents and are also typically more expensive.
When looking at the garage from the street, there are very few visual differences between insulated and sectional garage doors.
The advantage of having an insulated garage door over a sectional garage door is that you can cut down your power bills; less power will be required to heat the garage as less heat is lost to the outside environment, while in winter the garage will stay at a more comfortable temperature. It will also allow you to use the garage as a work space or as an additional “living space” within your home. The advantage of the sectional garage door is that it is cheaper to purchase, and will require a less powerful motor as the door is lighter.

Why choose an insulated garage door?

As mentioned above, you should choose an insulated garage door for your home if you are looking to use the garage as a work space or more traditional living area. Insulated garage doors will provide a quiet, temperature controlled environment. It is also a good option if you are looking for a way to cut costs from your power bills or reduce your reliance on air-conditioning solutions over time, replacing these with a potentially greater upfront cost.
If you are someone who is looking to sell your home, insulated garage doors are also a great option! By upgrading your current garage door to an insulated garage door and converting the garage into another effective “living” room you are increasing the usable space within your home as well as increasing its value.

What do insulated garage doors look like?

Insulated garage doors from the outside or exterior of the home look identical to sectional garage doors. They are composed of a number of horizontal panels which are connected to one another with a series of hinge joints.

Insulated garage doors from the outside or exterior of the home look identical to sectional garage doors. They are composed of a number of horizontal panels which are connected to one another with a series of hinge joints.
From the inside of the garage, they do differ slightly in appearance, and the insulated garage door is notably thicker and “heavier-duty”.
See the images below:

If you find a style of sectional garage door which is appealing to you but would prefer the benefits that insulated garage doors offer, it is highly likely that we will be able to provide you with an insulated garage door that has the exact same appearance as a sectional garage door. 

Insulated garage door styles and colours

Insulated garage doors are made from connected horizontal panels, giving them an almost identical exterior appearance to sectional garage doors. You can explore the various styles of insulated garage doors on our visualiser by checking out the sectional garage door styles. Unfortunately, not every pattern and texture is available with insulated doors, but the vast majority are.
Insulated garage doors are painted after they are manufactured and can be supplied to you in any Colorbond colour.

Insulated garage door dimensions

Insulated garage doors typically range from 3m – 6m in width & from 2m – 3m in height. Almost every residential double garage door will sit somewhere within these dimensions and an insulated garage door will be able to be installed.

Noise reduction with Garage Door Insulation

One of the greatest benefits of an insulated garage door is that it reduces noise transfer. This is great for circumstances where the garage is used as a work space or for those who live on a busy street; you’ll be surprised by how much quieter your home become when less noise is carried through the garage door from outside.

What is garage door insulation made from?

While the frame and panels of the insulated garage door are composed of Colorbond steel, the insulating material is made from either foam, foil or fibreglass. These three materials are very effective at reducing the transfer of both heat and noise.
– The foil is around 5 centimetres thick. it is made from a combination of aluminium foil and polyethylene foam. Higher quality foil insulation can consist of multiple layers of these alternating materials.
– Polystyrene Foam is a more effective insulator than foil but it is not as aesthetically appealing. Additionally, it is more rigid and is likely to crack if the garage door is impacted.
Fibreglass is the best-looking insulation material on offer, but it is not as effective as the polystyrene foam. That being said, it is more resistant to water and mould and is the best choice for those living by the coast.
Ultimately, the material from which your insulated garage door is made does not have much effect on the exterior appearance or the function of the garage door – they are all great insulating materials. The material from which the door is made is generally not of concern to the customer, rather, as long as it is effective in insulating the garage door, the customer is generally happy with the door, regardless of the insulation material.

Insulated garage door installation

Insulated garage doors are not too dissimilar to the more common sectional garage door when it comes to their installation and the installation of an insulated door will be within the skillset of almost every qualified garage door technician.
Insulated doors do differ from sectional garage doors as they lack hinges and are notably heavier. When the insulated garage door panels are installed, the panel edges are shaped in such a way that they fit into the indent of the neighbouring panel. This allows the door to form a tight seal when closed, assisting with the insulation of the garage door, but also creating a pinch point in which fingers can be caught and crushed. It is important to be aware of this pinch-point when installing any new insulated garage door.

Garage Door Insulation repair and maintenance?

Insulated garage doors need to be regularly maintained just as you would a sectional or roller door. By performing a regular visual check of the door, the motor, the spring, the tracks, and the moving parts for rust and signs of wear, you will be able to detect and address any issues that might occur. Combine a regular visual check of the door with an annual service to ensure a correctly tensioned spring, you’ll be able to get the most out of your garage door set up and notable extend the longevity of your door and motor. 

How often should you service an insulated garage door?

Insulated door service is in line with other garage door services. It is recommended that the first service is performed after 12 months following the door’s installation, with each subsequent service occurring every 18 – 24 months thereafter.
It is very important to ensure that these maintenance services are completed not only to improve the functioning and extend the life of your door and motor but many garage door motor warranties require regular servicing. Avoiding the service can be very costly as it will not only increase the likelihood that an issue will occur, but the cost of addressing that issue will fall to you, rather than the manufacturer.

Insulated garage door openers

Insulated garage doors operate using the same motors as sectional garage doors. There are a huge number of suitable garage door motors on the market from manufacturers including:

• Guardian
• Centurion
• Merlin
• Superlift
• B&D
• Gliderol 

Which is the 'best' insulated garage door opener?

Garage door motors come in various size and strengths. This is to allow garage door motors to be able to lift progressively larger and heavier doors but allow for a cheaper motor for those who do not require the immense power of the largest motors. Due to this, the best motors are those which are correctly paired with your specific garage door, are reliable, provide great value for money, and is a motor that will have a lifespan spanning many years – ideally, matching the lifespan of the door.
Our personal preference when it comes to insulated garage door motors are those motors from Merlin’s Commander range. The motors in the Merlin Commander range are great motors! They are quiet, come with an industry-best 7-year warranty, and can be controlled with a remote, a wall button, and your phone! To find the best Merlin Commander motor for you, we’ll need to pair the weight of your door with the power of the motors within the range.
Do note that insulated garage doors are heavier than sectional garage doors of the same size due to the additional weight of the door’s insulating material.

Insulated garage door panels & parts

As insulated garage doors are composed of a number of horizontal panels, the individual panels are easy to replace should they be impacted or become damaged. Replacement panels are supplied by the original manufacturer of the door. On the condition that you’ve purchased your garage door through an official garage door company like Eden Roc Garage Doors, it is very likely that they will be able to source the exact door panel you require; to the correct colour and dimensions.

Garage Door Insulation Cost

Insulated garage doors start from approximately $3,500 but can range up to $10,000 for the largest, most expensive options.
To provide you with an accurate quote, your garage door supplier will need to know exactly which style of door you are looking to install as well as the dimensions of the door you require.

Garage Door Insulation manufacturers

There are a number of manufacturers of insulated garage doors including:
• B&D
• Danmar
• Insulated Garage Doors Perth

Our preferred supplier is Danmar Doors. We have found that Danmar’s doors are the perfect balance of high quality, well-insulated garage doors, at a very reasonable price.

Insulated garage door optional extras

It is standard for insulated garage doors to come with a motor, a wall button, and 2 remotes to operate the door.
In addition to this, you can additionally purchase keypads and safety beams. Keypads work as another wall button but are accessible from the garage exterior. As to not compromise safety and security, a PIN must be entered to allow the keypad to operate the garage door. Safety Beams add an additional measure of safety to the door. The safety beams extend a laser beam between two points on either side of the opening. If the beam is broken by something within or passing through the garage door opening, the door will not close. This is important to prevent the garage door from crushing whoever or whatever might be beneath the garage door, which can weigh up to several hundred kilograms.

What other options are available?

Alternative garage door styles to consider are sectional garage doors, custom garage doors, and roller doors.
Sectional garage doors look very similar to insulated garage doors from the home’s exterior, but they do not reduce the transfer of heat and noise as the insulated doors do. If you are not looking to use the garage space as either a workshop or additional ‘live-in’ space within the home, sectional garage doors are a more cost effective choice for your home.
Custom garage doors are tailor-made to your requirements and design. If the style and colour options offered by insulated garage doors do not match your vision for your garage door, custom garage doors are the way to go.
Roller garage doors are a functional, cost-effective garage door. Roller doors offer minimal insulation and will not be suitable if insulation is something you require. But, if budget is the biggest concern, roller doors will offer you a garage door at the lowest possible price.