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Garage Door Service

Eden Roc Garage Doors is a full-service garage door company in Perth, specialising in a wide range of services for your garage door system, including the repair and servicing of all types of garage doors, roller doors, and garage door openers.

Our expert team is dedicated to delivering prompt, reliable, and professional service to meet every garage door repair need.

Our Garage Door Services


Our comprehensive range of garage door services includes: repairs, maintenance services, opener repairs, installation, emergency make-safe services, and insurance assessments.

Garage Door Repairs

Our repair services involve fixing or replacing damaged, faulty, or worn parts of both the door and the opener, as well as replacing broken springs.

We ensure that your garage door is restored to great working condition, minimising any inconvenience.

Garage Door Maintenance Service

Our garage door maintenance service is designed to prevent issues before they arise.

Recommended 12 months after purchase and every 24 months thereafter.

This service includes lubricating moving parts, cleaning tracks, re-tensioning springs, inspecting and performing minor fixes to components like hinges and cables, and testing the safety and auto-reverse functions.

Regular maintenance keeps your garage door operating smoothly and extends its lifespan.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Our garage door opener repairs involve fixing issues or malfunctions with the motor responsible for opening and closing the garage door.

These repairs address problems such as motor failure, sensor issues, or remote control malfunctions.

Garage Door Installation

We supply and install all types, brands, and models of garage doors.

Our installation process includes uninstalling the old garage door, setting up the necessary mounts and tracks, installing the garage door, installing the opener, coding the remote controls, and removing the previous garage door from your house.

Emergency Make-Safe Service

If your garage door becomes stuck open, unstable, hazardous, and poses a threat, our Emergency Make-Safe Service is required to address the situation to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our technicians will safely bring the door to the ground and secure the garage.

Our technicians will perform the required repair if possible, however, the priority of this fast service is addressing the safety of the situation; repairs are secondary.

If the technician does not have the required parts to complete the repair, they will return at a later date to perform the repair.

Insurance and Accident Claims

If your garage door suffers damage, our assessors will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of damage and cost of necessary repairs.

We provide detailed reports to insurers, ensuring a smooth claims process.

Vehicle Impact

In cases of vehicle impact, where a car has driven into the garage door, our priority is to safely lower any unstable garage doors and then proceed with replacing damaged panels and parts.

This service ensures both the safety of your property and the restoration of your garage door to its pre-impact condition.


To reach Eden Roc Garage Doors, you can contact our trusted team via phone call, email, or through the enquiry form on our contact page. We are here to assist with any garage door service needs you may have.

Perth Service Area

Eden Roc Garage Doors proudly serves the entire Perth Metropolitan area.

Our expert team is ready to provide professional service wherever you are in the region.

Eden Roc Service Area - Perth Metro Area


Our service and repair costs, excluding parts, start at $165 including GST, with an after-hours attendance potentially incurring a higher call out fee.

The cost of installation is included in the total price of your new garage door, providing value and convenience.

Garage Door Service FAQs

Regular servicing prevents costly issues arising, ensures smooth and quiet operation, and a properly maintained garage door maximises its lifespan.

Expect thorough safety checks, inspection of all parts, lubrication of moving parts, track cleaning, adjustment of spring tension to balance door, and replacement or repair of any worn or damaged components.

Garage door repairs cost $165, excluding the cost of any parts required for the repair.

Your garage door should be serviced 12 months after purchase and then every 24 months thereafter.

We service the entire Perth Metropolitan Area, from Two Rocks to Rockingham.

We service all types of domestic garage doors and roller doors, as well as all types of garage door openers.

Servicing is essential to prevent costly issues, ensure safety, maintain quiet and smooth operation, and maximise the lifespan of your garage door.

We provide a free quote for garage door purchases but not for repairs or services.

If we have the necessary parts, we will perform repair immediately. Otherwise, we will order the required parts and return to complete the repair.

Yes, we offer after-hours repairs, although they may incur a higher cost. We can also schedule a repair at a more convenient time if it makes more sense from a price and convenience perspective.