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At Eden Roc Garage Doors, our qualified team of garage door experts offer existing and future Perth customers high quality services around the clock with over 55 years of industry knowledge between our team. Whether it be in cases of damage repair, regular maintenance check ups, installation or time-sensitive malfunctions, we promise that when when garage door problems arise, it is treated with the utmost importance so that home owners can get back to living their lives without having to worry about their garage door.

Garage Door Repairs

At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we have experience working with over 28 brands of garage doors, automatic garage door openers and spare parts. If you’ve become victim to malfunction, wear or damage, we can guarantee that our team can return your garage door to full working order both quickly and effectively!

For more information, head on over to our Garage Door Repairs page.

Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Professional Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

To retain smooth operation, prevent wear and reverse gradual deterioration of your garage door and it’s opener, we recommend that our customers keep up regular maintenance of their garage door. This can be done by home owners but for professional insight and keeping your warranty, we recommend that you regularly seek out one of our Garage Door Specialists to keep your garage door in full and perfect operation once every twelve months to two years.

Feel free to check out our Comprehensive Guide to Garage Door Maintenance here otherwise you can go to our Garage Door Maintenance page for more on how we can help keep your door running.

Garage Door Installation

Recently purchased a new garage door or opener? With every purchase, Eden Roc Garage Doors provides its customers with installation of new parts, doors, add-on features and openers.

Check out our Installations page to know more.

Retro Fitted Insulated Doors Installation
Emergency Service - Damaged Garage Door

Emergency Make-Safe Service

Has your Garage door been damaged and thrown off its tracks? Are you in a rush to leave but your opener has malfunctioned and you can’t leave? Is your Garage Door unsafe to use? If you’re facing any problems like these and need immediate solutions, we can send an Eden Roc Garage Door specialist out to you to provide you safe access in and out of your garage.

Contact us right away at (08) 9303-9334 or continue on to our Emergency Services page to find out more.

Garage Door Service
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About garage door services

Garage Door Services is a broad term that makes up for a large category of different practices, labour and albeit ‘services’. While we understand it as encompassing all of those listed above, at its core it is an ethic.

As an owner of a garage door and door opener and as a former, current or future customer of Eden Roc Garage Doors, we will prompt you to view your purchase, whether for industrial, commercial or residential purposes – as an investment. We definitely recommend maintaining it’s integrity and quality operation as a way of extending the life-expectancy of your door and to avoid a decline in quality or worst of all, inconvenient replacement.

No matter whether they’re sectional or roller doors, we highly recommend you contact or phone one of our garage door technicians as soon as possible to get the helpful advice you need to keep your automatic garage door regularly serviced and efficiently operable.

Why service your garage door?

We understand, at Eden Roc Garage Doors, that the overall cost of regularly maintaining your garage door and servicing it will be far lower and valuable to owners than eventually replacing it and its additional parts when irreparably broken or when it potentially damages property or poses a threat of injury to residents. Keeping on top of your garage doors condition will also helped keep it in good working order far longer than its life expectancy is projected, further lowering the burden of replacement costs and repercussions.

What is garage door servicing?

Garage door servicing wears many different faces but it all serves the same purpose – keeping your door in good functioning and good looking condition for longer than your bargained for. Whether it be doing what little you can as its owner to maintain it’s condition by lubricating and clearing tracks of dirt and grime or regularly washing and cleaning your door – or by seeking the professional expertise of one of our garage door technicians to re-balance and torsion your door’s springs, replace faulty or eroded parts or install safety add-ons – all of these practices and more can help you save money and stress in the long-run.

How often should you have your garage door serviced?

We recommend that you put time aside to clean and self-service your garage door once every six months and to get a professional service and check up on your garage door every 1-2 years. This can not only keep your door operating for longer but also retain your warranty’s validity as per their policies.

Why is it important that you get the help of Eden Roc Garage Doors?

We, at Eden Roc Garage Doors, have many decades of experience behind us and so have become the go-to referral for garage door services in the Perth metropolitan area by insurance giants such as RAC. We provide not only the best service but a welcoming and efficient experience with same-day repairs, accelerated parts replacement and expert advice for our customers.