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Sectional garage doors are the most popular type of garage doors for residential homes. If you’re chasing a garage door which is going to be used at a residential property (a house, or unit), it is highly likely that a sectional garage door is going to be your best bet.

Sectional doors have more design and colour finish options than roller doors as well as offering better strength and drive through clearance. 

Value Range

What is a sectional garage door?

Sectional garage doors are the most popular type of garage doors for residential homes. Basically Sectional Doors are a series of panels (normally 4-5) stacked and hinged together. They require less head room that roller doors so achieve better drive through clearance. Sectional doors also offer options like windows that can enhance the look of the door as well as letting light into your garage.

Regardless of your home’s exterior and style of architecture, a sectional garage door will enhance the home’s overall look. Our team at Eden Roc Garage Doors are here to provide you with the advice you need when it comes to choosing sectional garage doors that are most appropriate for your Perth home.

Sectional garage doors are the popular choice for all residential applications. All doors are available in all colour varieties to suit your home’s aesthetic.

Available space


Cost is a big factor to consider when deciding between the style of your garage door. Sectional garage doors tend to be slightly more expensive to purchase than standard roller doors. But, should the sectional door become damaged as a result of an impact, they are actually cheaper to repair. This is because individual sectional door panels can be removed and replaced should they become damaged. A damaged roller door will require a complete replacement of the entire door, resulting in higher repair costs, despite a cheaper initial purchase. 


Strength is a consideration for those in residential areas who value the safety and security of their families, homes, vehicles and belongings.
Sectional garage doors are stronger than roller garage doors and are more difficult to breach should an intruder or burglar attempt to gain access.

Pre-existing set-up

Your pre-existing set-up may determine which type of door you are required to purchase. If you previously had a certain type of garage door which you are simply replacing, having a functional motor for that type of door would lend itself greatly to simply getting a new door of that type. Garage door motors can be several hundred dollars, and if you can re-use your existing motor, you can save a lot of money by sticking with the type of garage door you have had previously.

Sectional garage door colour and style options

Our sectional doors come in a variety of colours to match your home’s colour scheme and style. Our sectional garage doors are available in any Colorbond colour. But, if you’re looking to have a specific non-standard Colorbond colour, you have the option to powder coat your door. Powder coating is a form of dry-paint that’s applied after-the-fact.

To explore the full range of colours available to you, click on the links below:

To see the different variations and combinations of garage doors and colours, check out our garage door Visualiser.
Beyond colour, you are able to further customise your sectional garage door by changing up the patterns, insulation and texture of your door.

Sectional garage door window options

Garage door windows are a great way to add some natural light and style to your garage. They fit in the top panel of a sectional garage door and come in a variety of styles to choose from.

Each manufacturer offers their own designs; Check out these images of the various garage door windows styles.


Steel-Line Windows

Steel-line’s range of windows include the styles:

  • Ruston,
  • Sunray,
  • Sherwood,
  • Stockton,
  • Ventilation,
  • & Plain
Steel-Line Windows - Stanford
Steel-Line Windows - Heritage + Ranch
Centurion Windows

Centurion Windows

Centurion’s range of windows include:

  • Sunset,
  • Waterton,
  • Rushton,
  • Sunrise,
  • Sherwood,
  • Stockton,
  • Cascade, 
  • & Plain

B&D Windows

B&D has a much smaller range of garage door window options. Their styles can be seen here.

B&D Windows

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Browse our range of sectional doors,  We proudly offer all doors from all major Perth manufacturer.

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sectional garage door dimensions

Sectional garage doors are designed for use in residential homes. As such, they range from 3-6 metres in width and from 1.5-5 metres in height.

Despite being classed as a typical ‘residential garage door’ (regardless of the purpose for which you will use the door), if the required door fits within these dimensions, a sectional garage door should work for you.

Sectional garage door manufacturers

At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we can help you find the right sectional garage doors you need for your Perth property. We source our doors from the major Australian garage door manufacturers, including:

We source our doors from a range of manufacturers to give our customers the widest selection available. The sectional garage doors we supply for Perth customers are made from Colorbond steel. Colorbond steel is “Australian made to endure the Australian climate”. It is durable and strong, as well as being the first choice for West Australian builders.

Sectional garage door repair and service

Many homeowners who have a sectional garage door do not maintain their door and only pay attention to it when a problem arises, which is usually when the door is no longer working. Sectional garage doors are relatively cheap and easy to repair. This is because sectional garage doors are made from a number of interchangeable panels. These panels can be replaced individually if they become damaged without the need to replace the entire door.

These panels are connected to by garage door hinges. These hinges are moving parts which also bear the weight of the panels which hang below them. Hinges are the most common part to break and require replacement.

Sectional garage doors can typically weigh over 60 kilograms for single garage doors and over 100 kgs for double garage doors. This is a huge weight which needs to be managed carefully. Additionally, a major component of sectional garage doors is the torsion spring. Torsion springs are designed to take the strain of the garage door weight. When these springs are installed and tensioned as to take the strain of the door’s weight, the springs are very tightly wound. A huge amount of force is contained within the tensioned spring which can lead to serious injury to whoever or whatever is caught by the spring should that force be released.

For these reasons, it is not recommended that garage door repair and maintenance be carried out by anyone other than a qualified garage door technician.

How often should you service your sectional garage door?

It is recommended that sectional garage doors are serviced at least every two years

Your Sectional Garage Doors has springs that counter balance the weight of the door. Not servicing you door means as the spring lose tension, extra pressure is put on your motor and other components.

Doing so will prevent issues from arising, and ensure that small problems do not escalate and become larger, costly and cause inconvenient issues down the line.

If you are uncertain when your next garage door service is due, check the inside of your door. It is very likely that when the garage door was installed the technician left a sticker to tell you when the door’s next service is due.