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Garage Door Installation

So you’ve bought a garage door, and you’re not a garage door specialist? We highly recommend you get the professionals in to do this. Whether you’ve bought your door from us, a retailer or second hand – installing a garage door yourself can be a risky and dangerous endeavour. Not correctly installed, a roller or sectional door can do more damage and harm to your storage area than expected.

A specialist will be able to correctly install suitable tracks, an automatic opener/motor, cylindrical furler for roller doors and also be able to mount the panels or roller sheet for you without a worry. Done correctly, a well balanced and fitted installation will prevent elements from entering your garage, protect your vehicles and property, and not pose a threat of malfunctioning or falling off the tracks.

At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we install Roller, Sectional, & Insulated garage doors. We don’t, however, install or sell tilt garage doors due to their unsafe and out-dated design flaws.

Garage Door Installation
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Garage Door Installation in Perth

We provide our installation services all across the Perth metropolitan area – no problem. If you’re outside of this area and require installation in the regions surrounding Perth, then please feel free to contact us for more information and guidance about whether or not we can install your next garage door.

Is there any type of garage door we don't install?

The only types of garage that we don’t account for at Eden Roc Garage Doors are Tilt Doors. While they were once popular in Australian Residential areas and were often made from cheap timber and featured a single fixed look – today they are rare and outdated compared to the current steel and aluminium roller doors and sectional doors.

Professional garage door installers in Australia immediately recognise this as not only an opportunity to rid customers of an old garage door in favour of a new and modern style replacement – but to prevent the risk of the safety hazards involved in owning one. Fewer garage door companies and the current generation of door technicians are not trained in providing repair maintenance and installations for single panel tilt-design garage doors – effectively making their continuation a danger to owners and new garage door technicians.

If you have a tilt garage door, we would highly recommend you seek a replacement garage door installation of either a roller door or sectional door with the help of our team. Replacing tilt doors with sectional panel doors can often be a quality solution with the majority of our range having the potential to pair with their a tilt lift motor and tracks if they are in current working order.

How much does Garage Door installation cost?

The cost of installation will be bundled with the cost of a brand new garage door should you purchase your garage door through us.

If you have a garage door that you have sourced from another supplier, we will be able to complete the installation of this door for you – reach out to us and we will be able to provide you with a quote for installation.

Please note that we cannot warrant or guarantee the safe, reliable, and smooth operation of a garage door we have not supplied ourselves. It is for this reason that we prefer to only install doors we also supply.

How much does Automatic Garage door opener installation cost?

Much like our garage doors, installing automatic openers will be invoiced along with the cost of purchasing. It will most often come at the price of $165 for installation. These quotes come obligation-free and are optional. 

How long does it take to install a garage door?

Depending on the size and type, the mounting of a door onto it’s tracks can’t take up to an hour where as the full installation of opener, track, cables and the door itself along with time taken to calibrate and confirm that the door has been optimally installed – can take up to 4-5 hours.

Installing garage door Add-ons

While we recommend that all additional features and add-ons be purchased at the same time as the installation of a door, customers are always able to install and fit PE safety beams, locks, wall-mounted access buttons and LED lights themselves without the cost of cancelling your warranty. You can however contact us for help in this regard.

Eden Roc Garage Doors additionally offers customers a rare retro-filing service for those seeking insulation for their sectional garage doors. Head on over to our “Garage Doors” page to read up on how we can help dampen noise and reduce overheating in your garage.