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Garage Door Repair

All garage doors and garage door parts are vulnerable to damage and deterioration. Whether it’s only a few months old or a couple decades – you could find yourself in a predicament where your garage door could no longer be operating or start presenting a danger to you, your residents or your property. If you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgable service that’ll be able to repair any malfunction in a garage door, then the Eden Roc Garage Door repair team is here for you.

Garage Door Repair
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Types of Repair

Garage Door Repair

Wear, collision, ill-fitting parts and poor installation can all play a role in unexpectedly leaving you without a working garage door. Whether your torsion springs have snapped, the door has come off its tracks or any of your a panels have been dented, etc – we can fix, replace or improve any malfunctioning, damaged garage door.

Simply contact us at (08) 9303 9334 and get in contact with one of our garage Door specialists today to see how we can help you.

Garage Door Repair

Opener Repair

Here at Eden Roc Garage doors we offer repair services for Garage Door Openers, both roller and sectional, from manufacturers such as Merlin, Centurion, Guardian and more. Our expert team however can adjust and apply their vast knowledge across the small range other brands available in Australia and will more often than not be able to help you in this endeavour.

Same Day Garage Door Repairs

With our expertise and dedication to premium service, we are confident in our ability to get your garage door will be back up (and down) and running in full operation within a single day’s work.

With Eden Roc’s spare parts shop, we internally function as our own parts supplier, meaning we typically have the parts you require, as you require them!

With a well-established reputation amongst Western Australia’s garage door industry – Eden Roc’s repairs team will never leave you waiting more than absolutely necessary for a repair to be completed.

There are instances where a part will be required that we do not have in stock, in which case, we ask that you do be patient as we attempt to source a replacement part as quickly as possible!

How much does garage door repairs cost?

With the exclusion of cost for replacement parts, Eden Roc’s professional Garage Door repair services come at a $165 call-out fee. This will more often than not come with an additional garage door service of the door as well as it’s repair.

Can a dented garage door be repaired?

Yes. While roller garage doors come at a disadvantage here and would need to be completely replaced, given they are manufactured as a single sheet of colorbond steel – sectional garage door repairs provide a different circumstance for owners in the case of being dented. Produced from a series of interconnected aluminium or steel panels – sectional garage doors can be separated and repaired only where necessary on damaged sections. This comes at a far lower cost compared to having to replace an entire door.

Replacement of faulty parts/add-ons

Over in our online shop you’ll see that Eden Roc Garage Doors supplies garage door springs, chains, locks, tracks and other additional parts that are often the centre of our attention when repairing malfunctioning and damaged garage doors. Like other repair service businesses, we’ll charge our customers for these parts at their online advertised price on top of our call-out fee for services whenever their replacement is integral to returning your garage door to a fully functioning order.

Perth garage door repairs

Eden Roc Garage Doors provides its premium repair services to the whole of the Western Australian Metropolitan area as well as Perth’s close regional areas. For more information contact us to find out if you’re in our expert team’s broad area of operation.

How to claim warranty

If you want to know more about your garage door warranty policy, wish to make an insurance claim or want to read up on the 15 year lifetime warranty we offer to all our Eden Roc Garage Door customers, then head on over to our 15 Year Warranty page for more information.

Warranty expiry

Most of our doors, openers and additional parts come with a warranty valid for 2-7 years. Be sure to keep an eye on this so that you know when to expect your door to fall out of warranty. Additionally, some warranties’ contracts require that you regularly keep up periodical maintenance and services from qualified garage door technicians every 12 months or so to retain your valid warranty. Keep this in mind and consider contacting our team for obligation-free quotes on your next service.

Prior DIY installations and repairs can often get in the way of a warranty contracts validity so be sure to leave repairs, maintenance and servicing to the specialist where otherwise stated.