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Types of Garage Doors

Eden Roc Garage Doors boasts a wide range of automatic garage door types from a great range of suppliers, including Centurion, Steeline, B&D, Danmar, Gliderol and Garage Door Industries. Our garage doors can come in a range of Colorbond colours or can be powder-coated to perfectly match the style of your home.

Eden Roc supplies a range of garage door types, including:
Garage Doors
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sectional garage doors

A sectional garage door is a type of overhead door that comes with multiple connected panels. It truly stands out from other garage doors because it has far more options in style and design than any other kind of door.

We highly recommend sectional garage doors for Residential purposes in a suburban context.

Sectional garage doors are the popular choice for all residential applications. All doors are available in all colour varieties to suit your home’s aesthetic.

Roller Garage Doors

A roller garage door is a type of garage door that the rollers are mounted on tracks. A roller garage door opens up and down by using a system of pulleys, cables or chain drives that furl a single sheet of steel or aluminium in a single space-saving roll .

Roller doors best suit urban contexts for small businesses and inner-city homes.

Timber-look Garage Doors

A timber-look garage door is a great option for the home owner looking to add some curb appeal to their property. Not made from real timber, these doors give homes an earthy, hand-made feel that can often be welcoming and impressive. They are light and go without the extra effort of owning a real-timber garage door.

Designed to your own specifications combined with our expertise, we can provide an excellent product at a realistic and competitive price to suit your home to perfection.

Custom Doors

A garage door is essential to every home, but it doesn’t have to be like every other. While you can customise just about any standard door with different colours or patterns – custom garage doors fit into a league of their own. These are malleable and personalised designs created to suit your house specifically and to make it stand out unlike any other.

Insulated Doors

Garage doors are a great way to protect your home and property from unwanted visitors but now, with an insulated garage door, you can keep the temperature in or out without letting cold into your house. and to reduce noise entering in off the street. These specialised doors are engineered to protect your garage from the elements and make it more suitable for more than just storage.

Commercial Garage Door

Commercial Doors

A commercial garage door is one that has been designed to withstand frequent use by businesses, emergency service and multi-apartment complexes. They’re larger and far heavier than residential doors, given the need for added security and having to fit all kinds of vehicles of greater sizes.

All About Garage Doors

Installation of a high quality garage door on your carport, storage area, shed or business provides you with a superior solution to a range of issues that come with owning a property. Whether that be vulnerability to the harsh Australian climate or serving to protect your property and family from intruders or theft. There’s no reason not to take that extra precautionary move toward purchasing a garage door.

Regardless of the type of door, any measure taken to protect your home from the outside elements is a step toward saving money – that could be in energy bills, insurance, replacement of lost property, or in preventing vandalism. Purchasing the right kind of door from a reliable company brought together by expertise and experience will help you in optimising the best and most cost-effective option for your next garage door.

How do I install a garage door?

You don’t.

Unless you’re a trained garage door specialist, we insist that your seek the services of a professional to carry out this often dangerous task. With all of our garage door purchases, Eden Roc Garage Doors will factor in the additional cost for installation, into the door’s price. We do this for the protection of you and your property and to ensure that our products are installed correctly and to them the longest possible life-expectancy.

What is the cost of a garage door?

The investment for an automatic garage door can range from $1,000 to $6,000 and can easily last 20-30 years with regular maintenance. We offer obligation-free quotes and full installation across the Perth metropolitan area. We also have an experienced team of qualified technicians on hand for the servicing, repair and maintenance of your garage door. Eden Roc Garage Doors is a trusted and preferred provider for garage door repairs by Perth’s insurance companies such as RAC.


An automatic garage door motor or system can be found on any type of garage door – residential, commercial or industrial. They serve to remove the responsibility from owners and users of lifting and lowering the doors themselves, further preventing the unnecessary creation of safety risks and hazards while also preventing to potential harm of “human error”.

They come with a number of additional safety add-ons and features that will better help you remain safe while in use. Much like our range of doors, our openers are Australian made and can be paired with roller doors, sectional doors and custom garage doors. We provide addition services and product to commercial customers seeking a high-powered system for frequent use.

You can learn more about openers or browse our range vast of motors from our Openers page.


Our garage doors Perth team work with the most up-to-date technology to ensure maximum security and protection for your home when you purchase a garage door. We proudly offer the Merlin MyQ and ATA sectional garage door motors which are intuitively designed to alert you when the garage door is opening and closing via a mobile app, allowing you to protect your home when you are away.


Here on the Eden Roc Garage Door website we offer our customers the opportunity to explore our wide range of products through both the shop and our specific door pages. We recommend that you read up on the kind of door you are looking for on our website or speak to one of our specialists over the phone at 9303 9334.

Additionally, you can head to our Visualiser tool to find the perfect garage door to specifically suit your home.