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Emergency "Make-Safe" Repair

Garage doors often play a significant role in our lives and businesses – when they break it can seem as though disaster has struck and it’s all the fault of Murphy’s law. You might not be able get in or out of the car port or any minute now an overhanging door might collapse on your vehicle. This is a residential garage door emergency and while it may eventually require professional repair services in normal business hours – right now you need a solution.
While Eden Roc Garage Doors does not provide a 24 hours a day repair service, we can always recommend and refer our customers to a reliable and professional emergency garage door repairs technician with years of experience.

Emergency Make-Safe
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What is a “garage door emergency”?

A garage door emergency is defined by the immediate hinderance that a malfunctioning door has on the function of the garage itself. You and or your vehicles can’t leave or get into the garage for whatever reason, or the property inside the area is in danger of being damaged by the door. This is what we refer to as an emergency – when time is of the essence.

Examples of a garage door emergency can include:

All these and more other kinds of situations can prove either dangerous, or a major obstruction in our day to day lives. In such situations, we recommend emergency assistance.

Who should I contact?

While, yes, you can contact us in the case of an emergency, we would recommend that for the fastest and most efficient response, that you talk with your insurance company. They will then most likely contact us and the emergency repair service will then be covered by your insurance handler.

What do we do in the case of an emergency?

Strategically speaking, our first response to an emergency malfunction of a door will not be to return it to full operating order but to prioritise safety first. Repairs and maintenance can be handled at another time but until then, in assuring there is no damage to yourself, your property or your residents, we will most likely provide once-off opening or closing the door as needed to allow the necessary entry or exit required before you can think about getting it repaired.

What can you do in an emergency?

Contacting us or your insurance holder is and should always be the first step. If you are not a garage door technician or professional then it’s best to keep yourself free of potential injury and call on the qualified industry technicians to do their job.

The most helpful advice we can recommend is that you do your best to remain calm and to gather all the necessary information about your garage door, the automatic opener/motor and the accessories involved that your insurance provider or our team will require in order to best prepare themselves for the task at hand.

After which, it’ll be wise to see about booking a garage door repair service as soon as possible following our emergency response.

Does the type of garage door matter?

Yes and No.

At Eden Roc Garage doors, our technicians are well trained to repair sectional doors, roller doors. If you are a customer for whom we have installed a door in the past, then we can promise you that our amazing team of qualified and professional technicians will be there to provide you a quality repair service.

Knowing the context however, that makes up the emergency you are contacting us for, can play an essential role in suppressing what could be a dangerous situation. Having explained to us the doors malfunction, the cause and then the make of garage door prior to our response will help us and your insurance provider immensely in providing a reliable emergency repair.

What if I need help outside of standard working hours?

After hours servicing and emergency assistance from our team will often come at an added cost with after-hours fees, however, we recommend that in an emergency situation you get in contact with your insurance handler to prioritise getting the fastest response possible.

Can I receive emergency help if I am outside the Perth Metropolitan area?

Unfortunately, no. Eden Roc Garage Doors cannot provide a fast and emergency response to calls from outside of the Perth Metro Area, however, we will always recommend that you reach out to your chosen insurance company who will get the appropriate garage door repair team in your regional area to attend to your emergency.