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Roller Door Openers

Roller doors are a great convenience for your home garage, workplace, or shed. It provides you with a way to lock up your home and vehicle, and with the addition of a garage door opener, with the simple press of a button you can operate the roller door and never have to do the heavy lifting yourself again.

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Why should you get a roller garage door?

The most attractive feature that keeps roller doors relevant today is the simplicity of their function and the ease at which they can be an effective and reliable means of protecting the contents of your shed, garage or storage area.

While not offering an equally superb range of diverse designs as Sectional Garage doors, roller doors are defined by their discreet and valued uniformity thanks to being made from Colorbond steel, offering you their full range of Colorbond shades and colours to help you find the most suitable door of your choosing.

Looking to install in an industrial or urban location? Roller doors will always be our go-to recommendation for our customers. And to make life easier, an automatic roller-door opener will only add to the effortless nature of these easy-to-use and install garage doors.

Product Ranges

Here at Eden Roc Garage Doors we offer a wide variety of Roller Door Openers, including products from Merlin, ATA & Guardian.

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One of our most popular sellers is the Merlin range, featuring their revolutionary silent-drive and Weather-drive series. While engineered to feature state-of-the-art advanced technology, Merlin’s range comes with user-friendly operation and a phenomenal 7-year warranty.

We highly recommend this brand for new and old customers.

Merlin SilentDrive Elite & Essential

The SilentDrive is a premium roller garage door opener manufactured by Merlin, ideal for double and single door garages equipped with a roller door. This ‘smart-opener’ has in-built integrated MyQ Wifi technology, giving users complete control of the door from their phone.

What’s most notable about this Roller Door opener, however, is written into it’s name. This barely audible door is dead silent and promises users its workhorse capabilities without impeding on your life. Never again will you have to compete with raising your voice or waiting until your door is finished opening to continue a conversation.

We recommend the Merlin SilentDrive Elite for double length Roller garage doors and the Essential for single length roller garage doors.

Merlin WeatherDrive

Simple, effective and robust. The Merlin WeatherDrive is the ideal motor to power your weather-exposed carport or shed roller door. With its ‘weather-resistant’ housing this motor has a market leading IP34 rated design to protect the motor from the elements.

We like to recommend the WeatherDrive to our customers when circumstances call for a motor that can take more than just the weight of your door but also the harsh conditions of your typical Australian weather.


“Smart, Simple, Secure” – an understatement when describing Automatic Technology Australia’s flagship lines of roller door openers. World-renowned as one of the leading international exports of Australian-made garage door openers, the GDO-6 EasyRoller & GDO-8 ShedMaster have come to represent the best of Australian manufacturing, boasting a weather-resistant design. If it can handle the Australian climate, it can handle just about any other.

The simplicity of these products and our confidence in this line of garage door openers allows us to recommend to our customers the option to install it themselves with the continued benefit of a 12 month warranty.

GDO-6 EasyRoller

This slim, low-profile Roller Door Opener is the go-to when looking for reliability and function. Offering an easy installation and long-life, the EasyRoller makes an ideal purchase for those looking for one of Australia’s most trusted roller door motors.

Unlike any other roller door opener, the GDO-6 features a “soft start soft stop” function, for added safety.

GDO-8 Shed Master

Perfect for perimeter doors and open carports, the GDO-8 Shed Master roller door opener is a world-ready motor showing off an impressive IP24 weather-resistant housing. It’s simple-to-use and tough in any harsh conditions.

The Shed Master however, is no simple brute. While we often recommend this motor for it’s ability to withstand significant weights it also features an Intelligent Safety System and Door Profiling – meaning the door adjusts itself when opening and closing or if blocked. Not only that but it comes with an in-built electronic and key lockout to prevent unauthorised entry or usage.


We can’t express enough the importance that the Guardian product range has had on the development and manufacturing of Australian garage door openers. If it’s older than 20 years (and still works) it’s most likely a Guardian motor. These openers have been the most popular sellers since their conception and now, with the RDO2 roller door opener, they have continued to maintain their relevance in today’s market.

In the event of a power outage, the RDO2 features a back-up battery and a newly re-designed manual clutch for non-automatic usage. Additionally, this hardy mechanism features an IP43 dust and water protection rating.

What you need to know

When purchasing a new motor, it is important to correctly pair your motor with the size and weight of your roller door. This is to ensure that the motor is able to easily open and close the door while not being unnecessarily expensive, as the more powerful motors are generally more expensive. It is also important to ensure the motor is not strained as it moves the weight of a door heavier than it is designed to work with.

For any further questions you might have about Roller Garage Doors and their openers, visit our FAQ page on Roller Doors