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Garage Door Remotes

If you have a modern door installed in your home, then you know the importance of garage remotes.

Garage remotes give you access inside the garage with the help of a simple click. It’s a simple and secure way to keep all your belongings safe.But what if your remote control breaks or starts malfunctioning? Sounds scary, right?

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Where To Buy The Garage Door Remote?

Are you looking for a replacement for your remote control?

Eden Roc Garage Doors is your ultimate solution with various categories of remote available. Our shop has a range of leading garage gate, remote manufacturers. You can pick a remote control that is compatible with your garage gate.

Head on over to our online shop or get your remote control in-store today!

how do i know what garage door remote is compatible with my opener?

To check the compatibility of any remote control with your garage gate, you have to check the motor.Look for the learn button on the motorhead wall. The color of the learn button will help determine whether the remote control will work or not.All door manufacturers have different categories of colored buttons to determine compatibility. So always check before purchasing your remote.

For more information, head on over to our resource section.

how do you program a garage door remote?

Here is how you can program your remote. 

  1. First, find the learn button located on your door’s motor. You might have to remove the cover of the lens placed over the light bulb. The button can be yellow, white, red, purple, or green based on different categories of frequencies.

  2. Press the learn button to enter the programming mode. 

  3. Once the indicator is on, press the operation button you want to perform on the remote. 

  4. A beep will indicate that the code has been successful. 

  5. If you hear two beeps, that means it has already been coded.

  6. Once done, the unit will close the setup after around 3 seconds. Thus allowing you to open and exit with ease.

    For details related to your specific remote control manufacturer visit our
    resource section.

Merlin Garage Door Remote

Can I Use My Phone As A Garage Door Remote?

Yes, you can use the remote on your phone. However, only if your opener is one of the modern openers with Wifi technology system as a model of Merlin MyQ, and ATA <ATA Smart Control Kit>

How Many Garage Remotes Can Be Programmed To Garage Door Openers?

You can typically program 4 remotes with your door openers. In case one of your car remotes gets misplaced, you will have to erase the programming on the opener system before you add a new remote to the system.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Remote For A Garage Door?

It generally costs around $30 – $80 but it varies from brand to brand. However prices may vary according to different manufacturers.You can find remote categories that fits all your requirements in our shop. All remote control categories come with detailed explanation.

Remote Manufacturers

There are genuine remote controls, which are the same brand and sellers as the openers. There are aftermarket remote controls that work just as well like major brands, but are cheaper and come with all accessories.

Here is an extensive range of remote control brand in Australia that are available on our shop page.

  • ATA

  • Avanti

  • B&D

  • Chamberlain

  • Elsema

  • Gliderol

  • Grifco

  • Guardian

  • Marantec

  • SEIP

  • Superlift

Will You Post My Replacement Garage Door Remote To Me?

Yes, this is included as part of our services. You can easily pick your desired remote from our range and get your remote control delivered to you. On this account, things will get easier for you.

But standard shipping charges may apply. Head on over to our shop to place your desired garage gates remote in the cart. Once it moves to the cart, you can pay and get your desired products. Plus you can place your remote in your car or vehicle.

If you are in Australia, contact us for more details.