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Roller Doors VS Sectional Doors – Which is best? (Pro’s and Con’s)

Sectional VS Roller Doors

If you’re looking for a new garage door, you’ll most likely have encountered variants of the two most common types of Garage Doors. Let’s compare Roller Doors vs Sectional Doors.

Which is the door for you? What’s the difference between these two types? Which is the best type of garage door to go with for your circumstances? Is there a cost difference between roller and sectional?

These are important questions to consider when looking to purchase a new garage door – Let’s answer these questions by looking at the Pro’s and Con’s of Roller and Sectional Doors.

Pros of Roller Doors

Roller doors are cheaper than sectional doors of the same size

The roller door aesthetic is quite urban/industrial and is a suitable aesthetic choice for those living within dense urban areas, and for factories, warehouses, and sheds.
Roller doors are easy to install (compared to sectional doors)
Roller doors utilise a simple mechanism (the furling and unfurling of a single large, pleated sheet of metal), and their compact cylindrical design requires minimal internal space.
They are also easy to maintain with fewer moving parts when compared to sectional doors. Typically, homeowners simply need perform rudimentary checks and inspections of the doors every few months. 

Cons of Roller Doors

If a roller door is damaged, the entire door must be replaced as it is constructed from one large piece of pleated steel

The roller door may not be the best aesthetic choice for a residential/suburban home
Roller doors are easier for vandals and criminals to break through when compared to sectional doors. 

Pros of Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are more secure when compared to roller doors

Sectional doors are made of panels – panels can be swapped out individually should any become damaged.
Sectional doors are much more ‘customisable’ than roller doors with the option of including a variety of panel heights, widths, patterns, and window options.
The sectional door aesthetic matches the suburban/residential aesthetic and is a good choice if the garage door is installed in a family home’s garage. 

Cons of Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are more expensive than roller doors of the same size

Sectional doors require more maintenance than roller doors as they are composed of more mechanical components.
Sectional doors may not be the best stylistic choice for those in an urban/industrial area.
Sectional doors sit flat underneath the roof when open: if you require a LARGE garage door in a commercial context, a sectional door will not be suitable. 

Here are a few questions to consider

Q: Is cost the prime concern?
A: If so, Roller door is the way to go.

Q: Is the appearance of the garage door very important?
A: If so, go for a Sectional Door in suburban areas, and a Roller Door in urban and industrial areas (look at what your neighbours have?)

Q: Is security a major concern?
A: If so, go with a Sectional Door.

Q: Is minimal and easy maintenance of importance to you?
A: If so, a Roller Door is for you!

Q: Is having cheaper on-going maintenance and repair costs a priority?
A: If so, then a Sectional Door might be the way to do. ———– Roller doors and sectional doors come with pros and cons and are generally both good choices and do the job. Hopefully, the tips on this list have made it a little easier and have helped you decide which garage doors is right for you. If you’re looking for further information on garage door options for your circumstances, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Eden Roc Garage Doors. We at Eden Roc supply, install and service all types of garage doors. We have a spare parts shop in Wangara should you wish to do any repairs or maintenance yourself. Additionally, our customers can view the latest doors and garage door parts on our website. Eden Roc staff offer genuine customer service and have an in-depth knowledge of the industry.