Eden Roc’s Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

Eden Roc’s Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

Most homeowners don’t pay attention to the health of their garage door. When problems do arise, it often comes at the cost of expensive repairs. Garage door maintenance is a simple way of keeping the garage door in fine working order. By following simple steps of regular maintenance, homeowners can save themselves a lot of money and trouble in the long run.

What are the basics of garage door maintenance?

There are 2 parts to garage door maintenance: maintenance work undertaken by the homeowner, and the regular servicing by a garage door technician.

By simply inspecting the garage door on a regular basis, listening to the sounds the door makes when in motion, cleaning and lubricating the hinges and other parts, a homeowner can add a number of years to their garage door.

By consulting a garage door technician to service the door, the technician will be able to undertake the maintenance work that the average homeowner is unable to do. If you have never maintained your door, getting your garage door serviced is a great starting point.

By maintaining your garage door, you will be able to prevent excessive wear and tear and to prevent damage from occurring to the door, its hinges, its springs, and the opener.

Professional Service
DIY Maintenance

Why invest time in maintaining your garage door?

Costing a couple thousand dollar, a garage door is a significant investment for a homeowner. Given this, you want to maintain the door as best as you can. Garage door maintenance is crucial to maximise the lifespan of your door, to prevent issues from arising, and to avoid the hassle of costly repairs.

What are the drawbacks of not maintaining your garage door?

There are several drawbacks to not maintaining a garage door, namely, the premature wear and tear to certain parts and unnecessary costly repairs to the garage door and the opener.

Arguably, even worse are major inconveniences that occur when the garage door is not in working order, such as the car getting stuck in the garage for some time or the garage being unavailable for use.

Additionally, a damaged garage door can leave a home vulnerable to break-ins. When in working order a garage door serves as an important measure to securing one of the prime entries into the home. A damaged, inoperable garage door will not provide that same level of security.

A failed garage door can trap your vehicle.

How often should you invest time into garage door maintenance?

If possible, you should be servicing your garage door by a qualified technician every 2 years, as well as inspecting and maintaining your door yourself every 6 months.

Despite these recommendations, the reality is that very few homeowners maintain their garage door at all, as such, any maintenance that can be undertaken is beneficial!

What are the actions you can take yourself to maintain your garage door?

To maintain your garage door, it is recommended that every 6 months you:

  • Perform a thorough visual check of the garage door set-up

Search for any form of rust or fraying cables. If rust is present, wire-brush and spray the rusted areas with a rust preventative.

If there is extensive deterioration, reach out to a garage door technician to assess the damage.

  • Listen to your garage door

Keep an ear out for strained squeaking, popping, or scraping.

  • Lubricate the springs, bearings, and hinges

Lubrication will reduce the friction of the moving parts and quieten the door.

Always use a wet, rust-protective oil-based lubricant product. Use it to lubricate all moving parts of the garage door, especially the hinges, springs, and bearings.

Our recommended oil-based lubricants are: RP7, WD-40, and Inox

  • Clear the tracks of debris*do not lubricate the tracks. The tracks should be entirely free from oil, grease, or any lubrication

Unobstructed garage door tracks allow for the smooth opening and closing of the door.

When removing all debris from the tracks, make sure to wear gloves. Use a soft cloth to remove any oil, grease or any other lubrication spots.

Use a dry lubricant to lubricate the garage door tracks. Our recommended dry lubricants are silicon spray or graphite.

  • Test the tension of the garage door spring

But, if the tension isn’t where it needs to be. Do not attempt to adjust the tension the spring yourself. This is dangerous and should only be performed by a garage door technician.

For more information on the dangers of garage door springs, visit our article here.

  • Wash the exterior garage door panels

Not only will this keep the door looking good, but prevent dirt and other foreign material from building up and increasing the friction of the door.

It’s as simple as cleaning the exterior of a car. Use a safe combination of water and car-washing detergent. Make sure to dry your garage door after you have washed it to prevent any drip marks. The best drying agents include – chamois ‘shammy’ cloth.

For what do you require a professional garage door technician?

Unfortunately, you cannot do everything yourself and will require the expertise of a garage door technician. It is best to leave the following to the experts:

  • Re-tensioning the garage door spring,
  • Tightening the garage door opener chain,
  • Examining the garage motor gear drive,
  • Adjusting the force setting of the garage door electric motor.

The force setting must be adjusted to align with the door’s condition. Over time, it will need to be adjusted. The force setting is a crucial adjustment to make as it is directly linked to the safety of the garage door. Setting the force too high can cause the door to crush anything caught under the door during its closing phase. When the adjustment is set too low, it won’t have the necessary power to move the door.

It’s recommended you bring in a professional garage door technician every 2 years.

What is the cost of garage door maintenance?

The overall cost of garage door maintenance varies depending on the offers the garage door company provides.

We at Eden Roc Garage Doors offer garage door maintenance service at $165 (excluding the cost of parts).

But, in terms of DIY maintenance. It simply requires the cost of lubrication, any replacement parts, and half an hour of your time.

How to maintain a wooden garage door?

Maintaining a wooden garage door essentially entails all the actions mentioned above, plus a few more.

In addition to the above steps, be sure to consider the door’s wooden finish when sealing, varnishing and oiling the wooden garage door. It is suggested that the process of sealing, varnishing, or oiling the wooden finish is repeated every 2 years to maintain the wood’s immaculate condition.

Regular maintenance ensures that the wooden garage door maintains its natural colour and does not warp.

Wooden garage doors require varnishing

How to maintain a commercial garage door?

In Australia, it is a legal requirement that commercial garage doors are serviced every 12 months. As such, there is no need to perform any sort of DIY maintenance. All actions listed above as ‘DIY’ maintenance action will be performed by the technician during their annual service of the door.

As the question of responsibility and liability is raised when accidents occur, to protect yourself and your business, it is best to leave the process completely in the hands of professional garage door technicians.

Commercial garage doors require yearly servicing, but no DIY maintenance.

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