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Eden Roc Garage Doors provide a variety of garage doors and openers for every customer. Garage doors come in sectional, roller, custom, insulated, & timber-look style designs to suit any architectural need. We offer our clients access to a range of the most popular garage door manufacturers in Australia, including Centurion, Steel-line, B&D and more. A few of these garage door manufacturers also produce their own Automatic garage door openers, such as Centurion & B&D (ATA).

Here, you find an in-depth look into the variety of manufacturers and their range of products that we sell and install. For more information, either visit or call us now at 9303 9334.


All of our manufacturing partners are WA based and produce their garage doors within Australia with the exception of Danmar’s insulated garage doors. We are proud to maintain this relationship with local companies and Australian industries, bringing Australians together with Australian-made products.

Each brand specialises with different styles of doors for different circumstances whether that be residential doors for garages, shed or storage areas.

Through our partnership with these manufacturers we can offer our customers a wide range of premium and value ranged sectional door, Colorbond steel designed roller doors and more.

To read more about the brands of garage doors we supply, look no further than below:


Impressively using only Bluescope steel, Centurion garage doors have become Australia’s leading manufacturer of garage doors. Established in 1976 as a family owned and operated business, they have carved out a place in Australian history as the most important garage door brand there is. They produce custom doors, sectional doors and roller door as well as openers and other accessories.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Centurion doors, check out our CENTURION GARAGE DOORS page or contact one of our experienced team members for more information.


With a 40+ year long history of serving the Australian public with the production and retail of safe, durable and progressive garage doors, Steel-Line is an unmissable brand with such high-quality products that they guarantees it’s users a lifelong relationship built off of the reliability of their manufacturing prowess


B&D is one of our most trusted brands due to the added effort they put into making their doors safer and securer than any other on the market. More than any other manufacturer, B&D is pioneering in the next-generation of technology in developing their garage doors and are dedicated to providing a service far ahead of the game compared to other leading garage door creators.

For more about our range of B&D garage doors, go here, otherwise contact the Eden Roc team today!


Targeted toward the average Australian punter, Danmar Doors exists to bring you competitive, affordable and fair prices on budget doors that will allow your individuality of your home to shine bright. A high quality solution to steep garage door prices, Danmar’s Doors are built for longevity and remain unmatched in durability.

Read more on Danmar Doors here or hit us up at Eden Roc Garage Doors!


Optimised for strength, safety and security, we can guarantee that Gliderol’s Colorbond steel produced garage doors will satisfy any and every customer that invests in their quality manufactured products.

Look further into Gliderol’s range and products here or speak with one of our experienced team members at 9303 9334



Eden Roc Garage Doors provides customers with a wide range of reliable, high quality options when it comes to the automatic garage door openers that are available on the market. We retail Australia’s most popular and preferred products as well as the may additional add-ons that can be paired with them.

For more information on the different manufacturers whose products we sell, read on below:


Our favourite producer of Automatic Garage Door Openers, Merlin specialises in providing it’s customers with not only powerful motors but a slew of fabulous add-ons that put your home’s security first, followed by functional ease-of-use features.

Check out all the great things we have to say about Merlin openers here or chat with one of our specialists today!


Otherwise known as Automatic technology, ATA is one of Australia’s leading garage door opener designers. Perfect for for not only residential roller doors and sectional doors.

For more information about ATA’s selection of garage door motors, go here – or even speak to one of our expert team members to know more.


Easily recognisable as Australia’s most successful producer of Garage door openers – we find it rare if our customer haven’t at some point, owned a Guardian motor. This isn’t out of necessity – Guardian motors are amongst the most trust brands here in Australia and have taken on a staple identity in Australian homes for many decades.

To see our range of Guardian products, visit our page on them, or contact us for more information at 9303 9334


As one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of Garage doors, Centurion have come a long way to perfect the creation of their own garage door openers as well. Specialising in Automatic Sectional Garage Door Motors, these state-of-the-art  make for a promising addition to your garage.

Check out what we have to say about Centurion Openers here or phone us today at 9303 9334.

Moving forward,

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the best garage door manufacturers to our customers. Our suppliers are some of the most recognised brands in the industry, and we can offer you a wide range of products that will suit your needs. If you’re looking to get a great deal on new or replacement doors, call us now at 9303 9334

Our team is here to answer any of your questions about the brands we have in stock and help you find what’s right for your home or business.