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About the Danmar Garage Door Team

Since 1987, Danmar doors has been dedicated to providing Australians with uniquely custom designed garage doors that have brought a personalised and distinctive feel to your local residential suburbs. Driven by quality, reliability, integrity and unrelenting innovation – their partnership with the designers and architects of your home provides you with an above premium service that’ll bring your garage door as closer to the different architectural styles of your home than any other garage door company is capable.

Not only this but Danmar Garage doors have manufactured 30 individual standard garage designs for their customers – more than any other Australian garage door company is able to offer.

Understanding Danmar Garage Doors?

As a manufacturer of custom garage doors, Danmar look at the purchasing of a garage door as an opportunity for collaboration between the home owners imagination and the many different technicians, builders and designers that will meet their desires. More than just shopping for your next garage door and browsing for what most closely resembles the door you want, Danmar will design, develop & specifically manufacture the door best suiting your vision and your home. With over thirty years experience and knowledge, you can trust the expertise of Danmar Doors to provide you the best service possible.

Eden Roc Garage Doors are proud to have an exceptional partnership with Danmar doors, allowing our customers access to their wide variety of quality made products.

The cost of Danmar garage doors?

Because so few custom garage doors are like one another, the price of a custom Danmar door often varies. In choosing one of their many designs your decision can significantly impact the final cost. We recommend that you speak with one of Eden Roc Garage Door specialists first before putting together a budget for your next custom Danmar garage door to get the best idea of how much your door will cost.

Danmars garage doors

Eden Roc Garage Doors caters to the full range of Danmar doors’ products. They specialise in sectional/panel lift style garage doors and do not provide roller door style garage doors. Selecting a custom Danmar Garage Door begins with choosing the material from which the door is made out of. From there you can then select the patterns, finishes and finally the colours that each range of materials and designs allow Eden Roc customers access to.


Produced from real timber, these doors provide a unique and impressive natural look and feel. With a variety of different kinds of real timber and the opportunity to repaint, varnish and modify, timber doors are unlike any other kind of door.

Timber wood colours:

Fully Sealed Danmar Clear

Fully Sealed Danmar Hemlock (Dark Oak)

Fully Sealed Danmar Walnut

Fully Sealed Danmar Jarrah (Rosewood)

Fully Sealed Danmar Ebony

Oiled Danmar Clear

Oiled Danmar Sela Brown; and 

Oiled Danmar Black Ash. 


     Note: Due to natural colour variation of the timber there will be a natural inconsistency in the colours of your custom timber garage door. Third party painters can be hired to repaint our timber doors for those that desire a more uniform look on their timber doors.

Aluminium Panelling

These butt jointed flat aluminium composite sheets make for a unique, contemporary look & feel – best suiting modern homes with its clean default silver, white and grey panels. Mounted to an aluminium frame, these doors are strong and feature state-of-the-art engineering to make this fashionable choice practical and reliable for a significant life-expectancy longer than most doors. Produced from Aluminium, these doors are lightweight and low volatility to weather and environment conditions.


Fire resistant, insulated panels, for home owners and residents looking to use their garage’s for more than vehicle storage. Insulated garage doors have gained significant popularity as Australians have begun viewing their garages as potential recreational spaces, creative workshops or gyms. These thermo panels both regulate temperatures and dampen intrusive sounds from outside. Not only that but unlike other insulated doors, Danmar’s features a thermo/fire resistant design for bush-fire prone regions.

Danmar’s Thermopanel doors come in two profiles: Thermoflat, an ‘ali-panel’ looking design with sheer panels. And the Thermofine profile, a modern straight line design with a timber-look. They are available in white, colorbond colours, custom colours and woodcock colours.

Precious Metals

Instead of your standard aluminium and colorbond steel designs, Danmar have gone out of their way to produce doors unlike any others. By offering doors of different materials, they broaden the range of possibilities and your opportunity to get the perfect door for your home.

Danmar Doors have additional options for doors produced with precious metals that provide a unique look you won’t find anywhere else – they include:

VM Zinc – a non-combustable and sustainable material famously used in the architectural design of the Perth Optus Stadium. It comes in a panelled profile and has been tried and tested in the Australian Climate – proving itself to be an important player in the future of garage door designs.

Copper Panel – produced from the shiny, clear bronze make-up of copper, these panel designed doors stand out amongst others. The sleek and vastly different from anything else you’re likely to see on your average suburban home. Like the Corten Panel door, this Copper Panel design is an architectural design statement that draws the eye but only if paired with the right home to suit it.

Corten Panel – These pressed Corten sheets are formed into a panel designed sectional garage door. One of the most exciting designs to look at, these Corten garage doors feature a rustic look – like, we’re talking an old 1950s Buick pick-up truck that’s been stripped of parts and left in rear an overgrown garden. It’s an artistic statement with a natural and inviting aesthetic – one that’s bound to start conversations around the design of your home. Doors like this, produced from precious metals are hard to come by but Danmar made them readily available with their impressive range of custom designed doors.


While not providing the common “shutter” design expected by most businesses looking for a commercial proposed door, Danmar has chosen to focus on security panel doors built on an overhead sectional lift garage door system for their range of commercial doors. They have Bar, Grille and Mesh Panel designs that allow insiders to safely look out of their garage through the door.

These doors are strong and far more difficult to penetrate than other’s on the market. Their look is highly focused on warding off strangers and sending a message to intruders of an advanced security system beyond.


Custom can often be a term used to describe a door that’s more than just a standardised colorbond steel design such as timber, ali-panel, etc. But when it comes to Danmar doors, custom is a powerful word. It can lead to not only the creation of a one-of-a-kind door that’ll be found nowhere else in the world or an artistic collaboration between door manufacturers, technicians, architects, metal and timber fabrication specialists and most importantly – you. When it comes to garage doors and your imagination, the team at Danmar doors knows no bounds and will work closely with you and our specialists at Eden Roc Garage Doors to exceed your expectations.

Colorbond Steel

Produced with classic designs and styles as other Sectional Colorbond Steel Garage Doors. Profiles include The Heritage, Regency, Ranch, Georgian, Flatline, Cosmopolitan, Stanford, Ribline, Fineline, Settler & Mediterranean.

Being that it’s manufactured from BlueScope Colorbond Steel, these doors can come in the full range of Colorbond colours. With nylon coated rollers, galvanised springs and 1.6mm thick steel hinges – this door is made to be strong, smooth and operable well beyond the usual life expectancy of a door.

Danmar Garage Door Add-on features

While Danmar Doors does not manufacture or retail additional features or garage door openers, Eden Roc specialises in providing this service to our customers. Through our teams collaboration with Danmar doors we will not only allow you to receive the premium services of their specialist designers, but to also receive the latest state-of-the-art technology available with installation of our best garage door openers.

These can include: smart openers; wireless safety beams; LED safety lights; nylon fitted garage door tracks; Weatherseals and more.

Danmars Garage Door Colours & Finishes

There’s not much we can say here other than name it and Danmar will provide it. While it may not always be that simple – there are few limits to what Danmar is capable of achieving. The range of colours and finishes available from these manufacturers is too large to breakdown into one list. We recommend speaking to one of our specialists at Eden Roc Garage Doors if you’re seeking one of their unique garage doors.

Maintaining your Danmar garage door

While Danmar Doors provides the full range of standard colorbond steel garage doors for their customers that can be partly maintained, cleaned and serviced for the most part by their owners (with an additional yearly professional servicing) – maintaining a custom garage door is a different story. Determined on a case by case basis, the type of door you have chosen, whether it be timber, aluminium, security or other will significantly influence how it needs to be maintained. We recommend either leaving this responsibility to the servicing team at Eden Roc Garage Doors once every 12 months to 2 years or seeking our advice following installation on how to specifically care for the custom door you’ve received.

Danmar Garage Door Warranty

While Danmar doors individually come with their own added warranty, Eden Roc Garage Doors offers customers that purchase both a door and an opener our 15 Year Complete Warranty package. It is a guarantee and a promise from our team of the long-lasting quality provided by our team and our range of products. It is the beginning of a lengthy relationship between us and you, brought together by the beautiful and trustworthy custom designs from Danmar Doors.