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About the Gliderol Garage Door Team

Gliderol Garage doors is an internationally recognised manufacturer of premium quality garage doors with a 40+ year long relationship with Australian residents, home owners and businesses. With each customers individual needs and wants always kept in mind, Gliderol have developed a vast range of durable and reliable doors that can be adapted and customised to specifically suit your home. From their revolutionary take on the traditional Aussie sectional/panel lift and roller doors with the Essential Series or their endless range of possible design combinations with the Custom door Selections Series – Gliderol have strived to exceed expectations and become one of Australia’s most essential and impressive garage door manufacturers. 

Here at Eden Roc Garage Doors we are proud to partner with Gliderol in retailing, servicing and installing their doors – ultimately providing West Australian residents and business owners greater access to their brilliant and diverse product range.

Understanding Gliderol Doors

Gliderol has a laser focus on pioneering a future for garage doors in advancing the current state-of-the-art technology and engineering as well as personalised presentability. Confidence in the full range outside of the traditional garage door will require the assistance and consultation of a garage door specialist – however, information and support is readily available online with their vast collection of options. 

Here, we have broken down their full range of garage doors and the design styles that come with them. Creating your own Gliderol garage door begins with choosing a type of door – do you want a roller or sectional door? Then what material? Traditional, timber or aluminium panel? The profile? The colour and the finish? All these choices must be factored in when choosing a Gliderol Garage door and will play a significant role in the representation of your home’s front.

Speak to one of our specialists today to see how positive a difference a Gliderol Door can make on your home.

The Range of Gliderol Garage Doors

We, at Eden Roc garage Doors, have developed a brilliant working relationship with the Gliderol Manufacturers so that our customers can have full access to their incredible range of residential and commercial garage doors. Also be sure to keep an eye out for Gliderol’s range of special purpose-built and custom-look doors for a broader collection of options.

Essential series: 

Gliderol’s “Essential Series” is, simply put, their standard and accessible range of traditional garage door in the common and recognisable styles you’re likely to see in almost any and every suburb. These doors are designed to match traditional, contemporary and modern Australian homes. Gliderol’s Essential Series comes in two forms: The Gliderol Roller Door and the Gliderol Sectional door – the Safe-T-Glide. Each is produced from BlueScope Colorado Steel making them lightweight and durable will a broad range of color and finishing options.

Roller Doors

Gliderol Roller Door – Available in single and double sizes, Glideroll’s easy-to-use and greatly reliable roller door has become a staple design choice amongst Australian resident seeking to close up shed’s, storage areas, businesses and other large entrances in an urban context. With a reinforced bottom rails and a Polyglide design that minimises noise and friction – this option adds a safe, protective layer between any outside intruders or environmental elements and your property.

Gliderol Safe-T-Glide

 Specifically design for and by Australians for Australian weather conditions, Gliderol’s game-changing alternative to the traditional garage door is a favoured option among our customers. Available in four of the most popular design profiles and built from durable colorbond steel, these doors make for a lightweight and low-profile option for those looking to purchase an appealing and reliable residential garage door.

Profiles include: Oxford; Hampton; Madison & Tuscan.

While being strong & versatile, the Safe-T-Glide garage door comes with a number of optional add-ons that can enhance your door’s function and produce a safer and more protective seal on your property.

Wanting to imbue the inside of your garage with some practical, natural lighting – Safe-t-Glide doors in the Oxford and Hampton styles (single and double sizes) can be installed with additional windows to reduce electricity costs and produce a more personalise look on your garage door. Styles are wide and varied, with the opportunity to have a clear acrylic or a bronze tinting on the windows themselves.

For a natural and earthy aesthetic, Gliderol’s sectional doors are made to be available in native, timber-look finishes. For more information read on below

Premium Timber-look

Gliderol’s range of premium timber-look finishes and colours is an exciting opportunity for you make purchase a garage door that perfectly suits and elevates your home’s style and curb appeal. These designs are manufactured to look and feel like real timber while taking on the advantages of traditional sectional garage doors unavailable to doors built out of actual wood. 

This means they’re lightweight, durable and require no resealing or painting over the course of it’s life-expectancy. They can be easily cleaned, maintained and treated like a traditional colorbond steel door because they are a traditional BlueScope steel door.

Eden Roc, through the Gliderol range, offers its customers two options in this regard. The Native Series of Garage door – separate from the Safe-T-Glide series of Sectional Garage Doors. And the Premium Timber-Look Finish for those purchasing one of Gliderol’s revolutionary Safe-T-Glide garage door profiles.

The Native Series – This is an affordable alternative to real timber – both in the short and long term. saving on maintenance and resealing, this design is for those looking for something special but hassle-free to represent the front of their home. Speak to one of our specialists today for more information on this wonderful design. 

Available colours include: Golden oak; Dark oak; Mahogany; Classic Cedar & Caoba.

Premium Timber Paint Finish – Available as a unique and custom finish to your traditional Gliderol Sectional door, this option is intended as an additional colour and finish for the much acclaimed Safe-T-Glide series. it may look like real timber but unlike the Native Series, this final touch won’t “feel” like real timber. It makes for a durable and long-lasting touch and, on a well-maintained door, will service your homes personal look for many more years to come. 

The Premium Timber Paint Finish is available in 6 styles: Maple; Cedar; Merbau and Jarrah as well as the monochromatic Iceberg & Storm.

Custom doors

At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we want the only limit for your next garage door design to be your imagination. Gliderol’s range of unique and customisable garage doors contribute to providing our clients with this experience through their variety of options available in the Selection Series as well as their Gliderol Timba-glide & Renlita Series.

Selections series

Commonly referred to by our Eden Roc team as an Ali-Panel design sectional lift garage door – the Selectional Series is a panel lift design produced from a series of sheer, solid, aluminium sheets. Connected by an assortment of customisable and connected panels. Different patterns and styles can be selected to form unique looks and shapes to your garage door unlike any other.

Selections Door Frame Styles Include:

Each individual sheer aluminium panel can then also feature a different style or design from the next allowing you the opportunity to have a design you won’t find anywhere else that best suits the personality of your home. This is the designer experience you would be looking for when building or designing your own home. This a modern look that will best suit contemporary and tailor-made designer homes.

Selection Series Panel types

Best said in their own words, a Gliderol Selections Series garage door can come with panels produced in different designs and materials. before selecting a colour or finish, each panel sheet can be chosen to come in the form of a Solid sheet; Alumicomp; Twin Wall; Aluguard; Bar panel & Diamond Mesh. For more information on these different designs, read on:

Solid Sheet – Your choice of 3mm or 4.5mm Solid Acrylic Sheeting, offering a sleek and contemporary finish. Available in a wide range of colours, it is ideal for garages that lack natural light. Joins (required for lengths spanning over 2450mm) are tastefully concealed by aluminium framing in an annodised or powdercoated colour of your choice

This is (and Alumicomp) are easily the most common choice of panel sheet amongst those that choose the Selection series. Colours are available in: Opal, Opaque, Grey, white & clear – other custom colours are available upon request.

Alumicomp – Alumicomp is an Aluminium Composite Material consisting of lowdensity polyethylene core in between aluminium outer layers and is popular due to its versatility, contemporary appearance and longevity. Alumicomp offers a superior finish and is available in a wide range of colours. Please note, architecturally specified and custom colours can be accomodated using the Alucobond® aluminium composite range. 

Twin Wall – Twin/Multi-Wall Polycarbonate sheeting offered in five tint colours and accentuated with an aluminium powdercoated frame. The excellent spanning capabilities of this sheeting enables manufacturing of doors up to 6000mm in width without the need for a join, ideal for maintaining privacy whilst allowing filtered sunlight into your garage. 

Aluguard – A perforated insert option which can be used on it’s own or combined with another panel type to offer improved ventilation. 

Bar Panel – Bar Panel sectional doors provides visibility, ventilation and peace of mind security. Ideally suited for commercial applications such as shopping centre and high-rise building car parks.

Diamond Mesh – Starting with our unique aluminium frame, small diamond mesh is added to create a garage door ideal for areas requiring ventilation & light whilst maintaining privacy and security.

GLIDEROL Timba-Glide Series

Yeah, that’s right – real timber.

Gliderol is one of the few Australian Garage Door manufacturers that produces real timber doors. Real wooden garage doors, while heavy and periodically needing a resealing every few years, can benefit owners with more than just a unique door that is a conversation-starter. Timber is a brilliant conductor of natural heat that can help warm and naturally regulate the temperature of your garage. Unlike custom doors of the ali-panel design with their opportunity for endless combinations – timber doors are produced in rather unique and individual handmade designs. These are an intimate choice for those looking for a highly personalised and sophisticated garage door.

Note: real timber garage doors are heavy and cumbersome. This factor in their design then means owners will require a heavy duty, premium automatic garage door opener capable of operating such a weight to function at full capacity.

Gliderol’s range of Timba-Glide doors are available in a wide range of styles, colours and profiles. These all divided between two categories comprising of their traditional Natural Timber Range and the modern and exciting Contemporary Timber Range. For a list of the different profiles and designs with glider’s Timba-Glide Range:

TimbaGlide Series

Natural Timber Range

Cedar Panel 86

Western Red Cedar horizontal panelling (86mm)

Cedar panel 135

Western Red Cedar horizontal panelling (135mm)

Raised Panel

Solid Western Red Cedar door with raised panels

Louvre Panel

Solid Western Red Cedar door with louvre panels 

Classic Panel

Solid Western Red Cedar door with vertical panels

Recessed Panel

Solid Cedar door with flat Cedar inserts

Barn Panel

Vertical panelling with horizontal whalers & bolts

Verti Panel

Vertical panelling (135mm)

TimbaGlide Series

    Natural Timber Range

Carriage Panel

Vertical panelling with louvred top panel 

Heringbone Panel

Herringbone design panel (135mm)

Ply Panel

Ply sheets with black rebates on all joins

Ply & Batten Panel

Ply sheets with Cedar battens

TimbaGlide Series

   Contemporary Timber Range


Custom aluminium frame with timber inserts

Cedar batten

Solid Cedar battens


Solid Western Red Cedar frame with acrylic inserts

Cedar min-orb Panel

Mini Orb door with Cedar borders

Renlita – the coolest door.

“Having security & style together is finally a possibility in your home or workplace.”

Specifically produced for architecturally designed dwellings, Gliderol’s range of Renlita doors can be used in an endless variety of applications.

The Renlita Series range comprises of Bi-Fold, Track Type Tilt and Counterweight Tilt Doors and offers some of Gliderol’s most unique products for both commercial and residential use.

More than just a garage door, the Renlita Series can provide access solutions that are both functional and a feature. With a flexible design, the Renlita Series allows for any changes to cater for individual wants or needs, including optional extras such as glass panels, access doors, cladding and power operation.

Commercial and Industrial Doors

Through Eden Roc Garage Door services, our customers are allowed access to Gliderol’s range of Commercial and industrial garage doors. These are best suited for the rear-entrances of small businesses, self-storage containers and small industrial garages. Gliderol offers well-reinforced and reliable roller doors as a solution to these contexts.

Self storage solutions

Here, Gliderol Doors prioritises strength, security and quality above all. Their Self-storage industrial roller door is hardy and secure feature a single steal curtain design with an aluminium bottom rail that prevents penetration from intruders. 

The door remains easy-to-use through its perfectly balanced spring assisted mechanism, regardless of the doors position and features a Polyglide design to minimise noise and friction when in use.

Industrial Roller Doors

Gliderol’s Industrial roller door features a similar design to their self-storage solution, however, it meets a higher security and safety standard. it additionally comes in Single and double sizes. Produced from Colorbond steel, these doors a hardwearing and high performance – a bonus when faced with both the responsibility of business’ protection and containment from the harsh Australian environment.

Gliderol Garage Door Add-on features

Most garage doors will come with the option to be fully kitted out with a wide variety of optional features and add-ons that will contribute to the safety, functionality and added security for your door. Most of these features, like smart-phone operation, LED safety lights, Wireless PE safety beams, etc. come packaged with your choice of garage door opener. Gliderol garages themselves, however, provide their buyers with the opportunity to access their Storm Safe systems, the Guide-Lok & the Panel-Lok. These are purchased and installed upon installation. 

Storm Safe Systems

Available with all of the doors in Gliderol’s Essential’s Series, the Storm Safe system is a preventative measure you can adopt and install in defence against high-wind environments that could typically dislodge and remove a garage door from it’s tracks in the case of cyclonic conditions. 

Gliderol Roller doors featuring the Storm Safe system are installed with the patented Guide-Lok technology, this state-of-the-art and corrosion resistant design has been independently tested and certified to be the best line of defence between you and the harsh Australian weather conditions.

The design includes windlock clips on the curtain door and extra deep aluminium guides, all the while keeping a custom-designed nylon feed that will keep your door running smoothly with minimal noise in spite of all the added technology around your door.

The Storm Safe system installed into Gliderol doors of the section Safe-T-Glide designs feature the patented Panel-Look system. This function comes fitted with aluminium end caps installed on the bottom of each panel, interlocking with a specially designed aluminium upright to automatically lock in place should a cyclonic event occur.

As an efficiently, lightweight system this added feature does not incumber the door system, therefore strengthening it against high winds. Much like the aforementioned Guide-Lok system, the panel-Lok technology is corrosion resistant, neat in appearance and easy to install.

Maintaining your Gliderol garage door


Essential Series: To further your door’s life-expectance and to prevent wear and deterioration, we recommend that you regularly clean your garage door. This can include washing your door with a sponge or clothe with fresh, clean water. Soap and warm water can be applied in case of the above not working. Remember to rinse and remove any leftover chemicals from your door following any cleaning.

Timber garage Doors: If your sealer begins to fade, be sure to get a refresher coat to continue protecting your door from the elements.

Custom Garage Doors: with aluminium frames and acrylic or prolycarbonate inserts should be regularly washed with fresh, clean water. If this method does not remove all the dirt from the surface use any non-corrosive/non-abrasive polycarbonate acrylic cleaner.

Caution: Never use abrasive or solvent type cleaners like turpentine, petrol, kerosene or paint thinners to clean door surfaces as it may ruin the finish. Additionally, don’t use abrasive and harsh bristle brushes that may scratch or ruin your door’s finish.

Note: immediately following any form of hail damage we insist that our customers immediately reseal their door. In the case of this kind of damage, talk to one of our team members today.


Lubrication/dusting tracks – to protect your door’s quality and maintain its smooth operation, we recommend that your regularly wipe clean and lubricate your garage door’s tracks. We insist that you use garage door specific lubricant for the best results.

Balancing – Over time and following frequent use, a garage door’s spring system can become worn and relaxed. To test your garage door’s continued balanced operation – turn off your garage door motor and manually raise the door with the emergency opening system. Raising the door to its halfway point will tell you if your door is balanced or not. Does it continue rising? Your spring system is too tense. Does it lower back down? Your springs are too loose. Manually raising a door itself will tell you if there is resistance in the tracks. The action should be easy and effortless. A well balanced spring system will make lifting your door without its automatic opener a total breeze.

Auto-reverse/safety systems checks – Built into your opener should be an additional sensor the can recognise when the door is meeting an object resistance. This auto-reverse system will recognise when the door has collided on something when it use. It will then reverse its motion and stop lowering on a person or object. 

These safety systems, with the ageing of the opener itself, can deteriorate over time. Periodically, we recommend that you close your garage door, and during operation place a gentle hand beneath the closing door and apply some resistance. Depending on your door’s auto-reverse system’s settings, the door should return upwards following a certain amount of resistance. If no amount of resistance can activate the auto-reverse system then you should consider this a malfunction of the utmost priority. 

If this is the case, contact our Eden Roc Garage Door servicing team for help today.

Wireless Safety PE beams are far more easy to test – while your door is lowering, wave a hand in front of the safety beam system – if this doesn’t reverse your garage door then there is a malfunction in your Safety PE Beam system.

Visual inspection/Weatherseals – In order to conserve your garage door’s protection from the elements – we recommend that you periodically look over your door and inspect its individual components for rust, weathering, spider webs or dust. Knowing your doors condition will always help you understand your door. This will help notify you when your garage door is ageing or getting ready for a new clean or service.

Warranty with Gliderol garage doors

At Eden Roc Garage Doors we provide all of our customers (that purchase a door and opener combo) with our comprehensive life-time guarantee 15 Year Complete Warranty package. Speak with one of our specialists today to find out more about our warranty package.