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Merlin Garage Door Openers

Specializing in the manufacture of garage door openers, Merlin has been prominent within the industry for three decades. Over time, Merlin has proven their value, quality, and reliability. If you’re considering a new garage door opener, Merlin openers are a great option, no matter your garage door setup! To find the suitable Merlin opener for you & to get an understanding of garage door openers in general, continue reading below!

Range of Merlin Products

Merlin offers a wide range of garage door openers, including:

Commander Range – designed for sectional garage doors

  • Commander Ultimate MJ3800MYQ

  • Commander Extreme MS125MYQ

  • Commander Elite MS105MYQ

  • Commander Essential MS65MYQ

The Silent Drive Range – designed for roller garage doors

  • SilentDrive Elite MR855MYQ

  • Silent Drive Essential MR655MYQ

  • SilentDrive Pro

  • SilentDrive BBU

The WeatherDrive – is designed for roller doors exposed to the elements

  • WeatherDrive MR555MYQ

  • WeatherDrive MR550EVO

& More:

  • WhisperDrive MT3850EVO

  • Commander MYQ (MT110MYQ)

  • CyclonePro

  • PoweRace™

  • TiltMaster

  • MJ3800

  • QuietDrive Pro

The product you choose depends on the type of door you have. Contact us to discuss your garage door setup & identify the best motor for you in case of confusion!

If you are based in Australia, you can purchase these motors (exclusive of the installation service & installation fee) directly from our online store – add the products to the cart and complete the purchase.

Features of the Merlin Motors

Merlin openers can add on some exciting features, including:

  • Wi-Fi Compatible (Except the WeatherDrive)

  • Battery backup in case of a power outage (Elite & Extreme Openers)

  • Remote code security with 2.0 technology prevents accidental openings.

  • Keyless entry keypad for accessing the garage without the remote control.

  • Overhead lights activate when the garage door is turned on.

  • Safety sensors prevent the door from closing when blocked by some item.

Merlin Warranties

One of the best things about Merlin motors is that many of their products come with industry-best 7-year warranties. This should give you peace of mind knowing that Merlin will take care of it if anything goes wrong within the warranty period. Merlin’s Motor Warranties are as follows:

  • Elite & Extreme motors – 7 years

  • Essential motors – 5 years

  • WeatherDrive motors – 3 years


Merlin Accessories

Merlin makes it a point to include the required accessories with the garage doors to ensure that you do not have to go looking for them. The most common contents that the manufacturer with every product includes are as follows:

  • Remote control

  • Remote LED light

  • Smart control panel

  • Outdoor protector system

  • Automatic door lock

  • Cable tension monitor

  • Integrated battery backup

Based on the product you are buying for the garage door, the contents might vary slightly.

Merlin Remotes

These days all garage door openers come with remote controls. It is a convenience that many people take for granted until they are lost or broken! With remote control, you can enter and exit the garage without needing to open the door by hand. When you press the open button on the garage remote, it emits a radio frequency that will initiate the operating of the opener & open or close the garage door. However, should you lose or break the remote control, you will not be able to operate the door as quickly anymore and must instead open it by hand. So, be careful not to lose it. If something happens to your remote, you can purchase replacement remotes (from our Eden Roc Online Shop) & code them to your machine by following the remote coding instructions specific to your opener. You can find these instructions here:

How do the Remote Controls of Merlin Garage Door Opener Work?

Merlin remotes provide high-security remote control access. So, it prevents unauthorized access to the garage. With the help of code hopping technology, Merlin remotes have a code learning system in place. Thus, it is more accessible for you to code in or delete old or new remotes.

A code remote control ensures optimum security 2.0 and safety for the users. But if you have to delete the programming on the remote, you can hold down the Learn button to delete everything. This will work with all existing working remotes from the receiver.

Replacement Parts

Often this product comes with several moving parts. So, it is not uncommon for it to break or wear. You can get it replaced by buying these parts from the store. However, make sure you get in touch with a technician to help you out.

Merlin Services

Merlin is a trusted service when it comes to garage door opening technology. You can buy the products directly from the official online site. Usually, they are shipped within 1-2 days. Just add the products to the cart and place the order. The shipping charges are free. You can call for more details and get a free quote from the chamberlain group. They also offer a year warranty for effective working.

Types of Merlin Garage Door Openers

Before you proceed to buy the new garage door opener, you need to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the types of roller door opening available in the market.

Chain-Drive Opener

This has a chain connecting the trolley to the motor. The systems are generally loud, but they are the most affordable option.

Belt-Drive Opener

It uses a rubber belt instead of a chain that makes them quiet during an operation.

Screw-Drive Opener

The trolley works on a threaded steel rod while the motor rotates the rod. This leads to the nosiest opening. However, since it doesn’t have many parts, it is easy to maintain.

Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Several garage opening products have been designed to hang from the ceiling. But as the name suggests, these Merling Garage Door Openers can be attached to the walls. It is also known as jackshaft door opening technology.

Smart Garage Door Openers

This is an automatic mechanism. Smart products are Wi-Fi enables putting convenience in the palm of your hand. They provide a wide array of control, monitoring, and customization choices. Merlin has a product selector on its official page where you can put in your criteria, and it will choose the right product for you. Merlin Garage Door Opener uses state-of-art technology to ascertain optimum protection, frequency, security 2.0, and convenience.