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Steel-line garage doors
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About the Steel-Line Garage Door Team

Steel-line garage doors is amongst Australia’s leading garage door manufacturers with more than 40 years experience and service to Australian home owners and residents. With a factory here in Western Australia, Eden Roc Garage Doors have had access to building a long-time close relationship with this manufacturer. This means that parts and fresh new doors are never far away, with support just around the corner from our own offices.

They specialise in residential doors, both custom and traditional – produced from Australian BlueScope Colorbond steel and are optimised for the harsh Australian climate.

Understanding Steel-Line Doors

Providing an outstanding service and a range of premium custom and unique speciality doors, Steel-Line has become one of Australia’s most important and influential Garage Door Manufacturers. With a focus on high quality and personalised doors, we often recommend Steel-Line to home-owners looking for a doors outside of the traditional residential profiles.

The Range of Steel-Line Doors

Outside of the traditional range of Colourbond Sectional and Roller Doors, Steel-line’s range of garage doors includes aluminium composite panels, timber-look designs, insulated sectional doors and more…

Custom Garage Doors

Acrylic Garage Doors

A modern and stylish design featuring panelled frames of acrylic sheets. A glass-like material that is Lightweight and UV resistant. 250 times stronger than glass, this material is strong and reliable as well as weather resistant against high-winds.

What these doors have to offer most, however, is light. Transmission through the glossy & reflective acrylic frames allows you to save power costs and to light your garage naturally during the day.


Single Custom Garage Door - Alipanel - 3 Section Variation - Champagne Color

Aluminium Composite

A sheer aluminium panel design, these customisable composite frames make for a modern and sleek design. Available in a varied range of shapes, sizes, configurations and colours – the Aluminium Composite garage door is an opportunity for home-owners to represent their homes with the most modern of designs.

Polycarbonate Multiwall Garage Doors

Similar to their own Acrylic garage doors, this polycarbonate panel design features state-of-the-art engineering that allows better heat transmission and softer natural light diffusion into your garage. These custom doors make for an exciting, sleek style to match the modern home. Manufactured with its Multiwall design, air becomes trapped between the seperate layers of the panels resulting in an outstanding standard of thermal insulation.

Double Custom Garage Door - Polycarb Insert - Insert Color Light Bronze - Frame Color Evening Haze
Double Custom Garage Door - Acrylic - 4 Inserts - Insert Color White Gloss - Frame Color Night Sky

Western Red Cedar Garage Doors

The stunning Western Red Cedar design is a perfect combination of the aluminium panel framed garage door with the emerging popularity of the timber-look. This unexpected blend of premium, stylish looks makes for a personalised and unique garage door for your modern home. While the inside panels are a fixed Western Red Cedar colour finish, the aluminium frame is available in a wide range of colours to suit your home.

Aluminium Bar Tread Garage Doors

Specialising in function and appearance, the Aluminium Bar Treadplate design features aluminium frames on a sectional lift design with treadplate inserts. A unusual and unique look, this design could perfectly suit your next home’s architectural design with it’s sleek and practical appearance.

Double Custom Garage Door - Acrylic - 4 Inserts - Opal Gloss Color - Frame Color Terrain

Panel Lift a.k.a. Sectional Garage Doors

Colorbond Steel Doors

The traditional Colorbond Bluescope steel garage door is staple amongst Australian and worldwide sectional lift garage doors. They are durable and specifically designed to match both the Australian Climate and culture. Wherever you go in the land down-under you’ll find a colorbond steel sectional garage door.

Profiles – Ranch, Glacier, Heritage, Slimline & Flatline

Matte Finish Garage Doors

Ruggedly beautiful, the bluescope steel matte finish garage door is a minimalist design to match the modern home with its variety of profiles and designs.

Available in five colours (Surfmist, Shale GreyT, Dune, Basalt, and Monument) and two materials (Bluescope colorbond coil & Powder coated steel sheets) the Matte Finish makes for a durable and suitable build for the Australian home.

Double Sectional Garage Door - Deep 4 Lines - Surfmist Color
Single Sectional Garage Door - Flatpanel - Jasper Color

Decowood Garage Doors

Made to look, feel and inspire the same sensation of a real-timber garage door – Decowood is the innovative solution to achieving all one would want from a timber garage door without all the drawbacks. Produced from Bluescope colorbond steel, the Decowood garage doors from Steel-Line are an exciting new addition to the range of specialised custom sectional garage doors available at Eden Roc.

Savannah Garage Doors

With it’s smoother and virtually blemish and shadow free finish, the Savannah Garage doors from Steel-line are a cut above the rest. Produced from G300 higher strength steel, this door was borne out of necessity to combat the harsh Australian Climate while achieving a stylish and powerful look that’s elevate your home’s valued appearance.

Double Sectional Garage Door - Straight 2 Lines - Color White

UniCote LUX Garage Doors

Resistant to chipping, peeling or cracking, the UniCote Lux garage door was invented to withstand corrosive weather conditions while meeting a desirable and fashionable range of profiles and designs. Produced from a pre-painted steel that has been hot-dipped aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel substrate with an outer layer is a polyester topcoat, that utilises the latest infrared reflective pigments, baked on to a polyester primer – the UniCote LUX is an extremely durable paint system built to resist UV damage from Australia’s harsh sun while providing excellent colour and gloss retention.

Garage and Shed Rollers

Highly regarded for their durability and reliability, the Steel-line garage roller door is not your standard single sheet roller garage door. Produced from colour bond steel and ranged with their vast selection colours and finishes, the roller doors are made readily available with valuable and essential features to better protect your home or shed from intruders and the elements.

Optional features include:

• Ventilated Profile – creates an effective airflow (up to 9% greater than standard roller doors)
• Tapered bottom panel – perfect for garage floors that slope across the opening.
• Windlocks – to prevent your door from dislocating from its tracks in high winds in cyclone prone regions.
• Central lock – located in the centre of your garage door, this lock will prevent intrusion and further help in keeping your door sturdy and in place during high-wind conditions.
• Dual-sided nylon strips – lined on the inside of your roller door’s tracks, this nifty addition will help silence your door while making operation even smoother.

Single Roller Garage Door - Roller - Surfmist Color

Colorbond Garage Doors

Famous in Australia for always meeting their promise of providing you with a durable and long lasting steel garage door with a wide range of colours to match your home – the colorbond steel garage door can be seen on every street in Australia. They’re hard to miss. The Australian housing market wouldn’t be the same without Colorbond steel’s valued contribution of their innovative and forward-thinking designs.

From residentially preferred sectional garage doors of every profile to roller doors that compliment urban and business contexts – the majority of Eden Roc and Steel-lines range have been manufactured with reliable and effective materials from colorbond steel.

Other Timber Look Garage Doors

A range of doors of varying materials made to look and feel like real-timber but produced from the malleable and beneficial steel properties. These doors are a preferable option for modern homes and properties that require the latest in state-of-the-art technology.

Biowood Garage Doors

Designed to exceed industry expectations for a low-maintenance timber-look garage door with a highly-rated fire resistant door, this garage door is unlike most others in this category because of it’s advanced engineering. With the Biowood sanded finish and unique coating process, these doors are not only beautiful to look at, but are also robust, versatile and designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Wind Rated Garage Doors

Protecting your property from high-winds in cyclone prone areas, Steel-line’s high wind rated door designs feature a sturdy, lightweight design that will prevent your door becoming dislocated whilst maintaining smooth and quiet operation. Installation is effortless and the premium aesthetic of your garage door will be maintained and left unmarked.

Triple Sectional Garage Door With Stockton Ranch Window - Iron Stone Color

Speciality doors

For rare and special circumstances, Steel-line is always ready to satisfy with their range of speciality doors. These designs feature a secure and protected functionality whilst also allowing those inside the garage to look out onto their street. These speciality doors are a preferred option amongst those looking for added security to their garage, business or open air carport.

Best known for their added level of ventilation, these slatted, Bar grille and Mesh speciality doors come in the three main designs:
             Horizontal Slatted Sectional Aluminium Garage Doors
             Aluminium Bar grille Doors
Security Mesh Sectional Aluminium Garage Doors
For more information, speak to one of our specialists today. With the Biowood sanded finish and unique coating process, these doors are not only beautiful to look at, but are also robust, versatile and designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate

Insulated Doors

Cutting energy costs and saving money is a prime concern amongst many of our customers and that’s where Garage Door insulation shines best. Regulating your garages temperature with insulated expanded polystyrene and impact resilient-vinyl laminate – your garage can now be made a comfortable and sound-proof space in the harshest peaks of summer and winter.

Double Roller Garage Door - Roller - Red Gum Color

Tilt Doors.

As opposed to the classic sectional/panel lift garage door, the tilt garage door is a design that takes you back to the ‘60s when these garage doors were a favourite among a range of fewer options. A single sheet of steel, the tilt door extends outwards and retracts inwards after being raised to its horizontal positioning.
       Note: Eden Roc garage Doors does not supply, install or repair tilt design     garage doors.

Steel-Line Garage Door Add-on Features

Available with most Steel-Line garage doors and their respective openers are a variety of additional add-on features that can be installed to better service their users. These include:

Windlocks – to prevent your garage door from being dislocated from it’s tracks in high-wind scenarios.

Secura-lock SD – to lock and unlock your door automatically via wireless operation to better secure and lock your garage door – preventing outsiders from forcibly lifting your garage door manually.

PE Safety beams – An invisible laser beam at the foot of your door that will reverse its operation if crossed while closing. This can prevent collision with vehicle, objects or people that may pass beneath your garage doors when in use.

Wall Mounted wireless remote – A “remote” remote. Mount ed by the interior exits from your garage from which you can power your garage door.

Wireless security keypad – an exterior wall mounted device that will allow users wireless access to their garage door – but only with the right access code.

Garage door seals – A preventative measure against dust, wind and water entering through the outer seal of your garage door. This optional add-on will better preserve your garage door and keep any unwanted products of nature from making their way inside your garage.

Garage door Insulation – an insulated filling installed retroactively or proactively that can dampen noise and regulate temperatures for those seeking to use their garage for more than just storage.

Electronic key switch – A manual option for that that may want to operate their garage door with the simple turn of a key.

Steel-Line Door Colours & Finishes

Steel-line doors feature a wide range of colour types , finishes, and designs for it’s different doors. These included but are not limited to:

  • Custom collection Range (Insert colour/material options)
  • UniCote LUX
  • Timber of the World Series
  • DecoWood Range
  • Colorbond Metallic Range
  • Colorbond Matt Range
  • Steel-Line Matt Range
  • Premium Colours
  • Colorbond Classic Range
  • Biowood Range

The range of colours and finishes available to customers is determined first by the choice of door and material.

Maintaining your Steel-Line garage Door

For the full run-down on how best to care for your next garage door, check out our Garage Door Services page for more information.

Warranty with Steel-Line garage Doors

With every purchase of a door and opener Eden Roc Garage Doors offers our customers a full confidence guarantee 15 year warranty. To know more about this all-inclusive deal, check out our Warranty page here.