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You drive home from a tiring day at work. Using one of your garage door remotes, you open your garage.

But did you know a lot goes behind just a click of a button?
Yes, a whole mechanism causes your garage door to open and close. And the entire mechanism comes into play with the help of garage door parts. If one part breaks the whole garage might stop working. Luckily we have a full range of door parts available at our online shop. We have all the brands available in Australia.

Garage Door Parts
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Here is everything about different parts that you should know about before you go into repairs.

Weather Seals

The weather seal is a kind of protection placed on all garage doors. These weather seals stop the critters and insects from coming inside.
In addition to this, the weather seals keep the cold and moisture from coming through the cracks.


Bolts are kinds of threaded fastener that come with an external male thread. The connection needs a pre-formed female thread, for instance, a nut, to hold it together. Together these bolts assemble the garage door.


All garage doors come with a set of tracks placed on both sides of the door, often known as the vertical or horizontal tracks. These tracks direct the section while lowering or raising a garage door. There is a curved portion of the track known as the radius. If the track is malfunctioning its a sign that your door will stop working.


Handles are the central part of any general garage door. They allow it to be opened manually. The handles are placed on shoulder height and are securely fastened for easy usage.


Brackets are made of metal and keep the rollers along with lines attached to the sides of it. Mostly the brackets are screwed to the wall and have attached hinges. Together these parts keep the entire system intact and connected.

Roller Door Parts

Roller garage door has a corrugated steel curtain. When this steel curtain is lifted for opening, it rolls up to form a bundle at the top. A roller door consists of the following accessories, which are only found in these doors.

Weight Bar

One of the accessories is the weight bars are attached to the bottom of roller doors. These weight bars add extra weight that prevents the roller door from pressing up to the top of the door.

Locking Bar

A locking bar works by blocking the track using a bolt. This is commonly done through a sliding lock, release system, or a T-handle lock.

Sectional Garage Door Parts

Sectional garage doors are made with differing numbers of panels. The number of panels depends on the width and height of the door.

A standard sectional door has 4-5 panels that open upwards and overhead. The panels are held with the assistance of a torsion system that balances the garage door’s weight. The following are the parts that are found only in sectional garage doors.


The rails are a part that is usually bolted to the wall. It is suspended from the roof for riding in as it goes up and down.

The rails have two main pieces. One is the vertical piece attached to the roof on both sides of it. The other piece is horizontal, and in this, the door rests in on opening.


These are tied to the brackets located at the bottom of all sides of the door. These cables work in union with the springs for lifting and lowering the total weight as required.


Hinged panels roll on vertical rails on all sides of the door. The hinges are used to connect the panels when wheels on the panel roll with the rail on opening and closing the sectional garage door.

You can get steel line hinges or locks at our shop with just a few clicks.


The sectional garage door consists of high-tension springs that make it easier to open and close. The springs do the heavy lifting and can keep it from closing when it is partially open.

Torsion Poles

Torsion poles are straight bars that are made of elastic material. These can be twisted to their elastic range and are used for balancing the sectional garage door.


Rollers are an essential part of a sectional garage door. These are known as rod and wheel system that attaches the door to the rails. Thus, enabling the sectional garage door to open and close smoothly and swiftly.

Wind Struts

Wind struts are known as the horizontal bars attached to the back of the sectional garage door. These are designed to give rigidity and strength to the panel.

So when a sectional garage door is completely open, it will sag right in the middle. With time this flexing action will cause the panel to split or crack. And the wind struts stop that from happening.

Tilt Door Parts

Tilt doors consist of a single big panel that is attached to two hinges and different springs right at the top on both sides. In order to open the garage door, it is lifted, and then it tilts back and on top of the building with swinging out and up action.

Here are the parts that tilt doors have:

Power Arms

The tilt door consists of power arms that appear as a series of pulleys. These pulleys connect with the extension-type springs for opening and closing.

Parts Of Garage Door Openers

The door opener consists of many spare parts that allow it to function correctly. All these parts are replacements.
Here is what is included in our huge range of opener parts that you can search for online:

Add-on Receivers

The door add-on receiver is hardwired with the opener or the control panel. It provides the ability to program more remotes.

Chain Tensioners

The chain tensioner ensures the right and needed tension of the timing chain, which surrounds the crankshaft sprocket and the camshaft sprocket.

It gives complete control, thus allowing the chain to function smoothly without rattling or coming off the sprockets.


Rail, Belt & Chains

A rail is the long metal bar that attaches to the motherboard. The rail goes up to the header.

The belts move along the rail and wrap about the gear system right at the top of the opener. The belt utilizes a trolley to move up and down on opening and closing of the garage door.

The chain appears like the standard chain used in bicycles. It moves a J-arm and carriage, thus making the door roll up and down.


A trolley is used to pull the opener arm for lifting the door or closing it. It usually has a piece of rope hanging down from it. This is for disengaging and reengaging the opener.


It’s a small part also known as gear drive assembly or just gear drive. Cogs effectively utilize the motor’s power to drive the belt or chain of the door.


The motherboard of the door opener is basically the computer hardware of the complete device. It utilizes radio frequency for communicating with the components, remotes, and opener mechanism.

Fly Wheels

There are mechanical forces that have to work with the transmission, and the fly wheel does that. The fly wheel transfers all the mechanical forces from the opener to the transmission.

Drive Gears

The drive gear does the heavy lifting pulling your door to open and then lowering it for closing.

The drive gears are of 3 types chain drives, belt drives, and screw drives. Belt drives are the most popular option as they function smoothly and quietly.


Grommets are used for securing the motor and minimizing vibrations. Thus allowing the range of door opener to function correctly.

Light Covers, Actuators, & Switches

The light covers in door openers stop the light from reflecting off of your car’s windshield. If not used, it can be blinding, thus making it harder for you to enter your garage.

The actuators improve the working of the garage door motors. Thus, making the garage door motors to function smoothly and quietly.

A range of garage door opener consists of a hardwired wall switch. The switch is inside the garage for opening and closing the door without a wireless remote. This happens when a signal is sent to the garage door opening for lowering or raising the door.


The globe in your door opener lights the garage every time the opener gets activated. The kind of globe you have in your opener has an impact on the performance of the openers.


The sprocket is a profiled wheel that has teeth. These teeth mesh with the track, chain, or other indented or perforated material.


The door opener has several pulleys. One pulley is on every side, placed at the top corner. Here the horizontal and vertical tracks join. There is one at the end of each spring as well. These pulleys consist of ball bearings that come in contact to allow them to toll quietly and smoothly when the it moves up or down.

If the pulley locks itself, the door won’t work.


Garage doors that have torsion springs consist of bearings and bearing plates. The center bearing or bushing is inside the stationary cone of the torsion spring. This keeps the torsion bar placed in the middle of the spring.

If you are in search of these spare parts, you can get these in our spare parts shop. We have all the brands that you can want in Australia.

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