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Roller Door Openers

Roller doors are a great convenience for your home garage, workplace, or shed. It provides you with a way to lock up your home and vehicle, and with the addition of a garage door opener, with the simple press of a button you can operate the roller door and never have to do the heavy lifting yourself again.

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Why should you get a roller garage door?

The most attractive feature that keeps roller doors relevant today is the simplicity of their function and the ease at which they can be an effective and reliable means of protecting the contents of your shed, garage or storage area.

While not offering an equally superb range of diverse designs as Sectional Garage doors, roller doors are defined by their discreet and valued uniformity thanks to being made from Colorbond steel, offering you their full range of Colorbond shades and colours to help you find the most suitable door of your choosing.

Looking to install in an industrial or urban location? Roller doors will always be our go-to recommendation for our customers. And to make life easier, an automatic roller-door opener will only add to the effortless nature of these easy-to-use and install garage doors.

Product Ranges

Here at Eden Roc Garage Doors we offer a wide variety of Roller Door Openers, including products from Merlin, ATA & Guardian.

For more information, read on:


One of our most popular sellers is the Merlin range, featuring their revolutionary silent-drive and Weather-drive series. While engineered to feature state-of-the-art advanced technology, Merlin’s range comes with user-friendly operation and a phenomenal 7-year warranty.

We highly recommend this brand for new and old customers.

Merlin SilentDrive Elite & Essential

The SilentDrive is a premium roller garage door opener manufactured by Merlin, ideal for double and single door garages equipped with a roller door. This ‘smart-opener’ has in-built integrated MyQ Wifi technology, giving users complete control of the door from their phone.

What’s most notable about this Roller Door opener, however, is written into it’s name. This barely audible door is dead silent and promises users its workhorse capabilities without impeding on your life. Never again will you have to compete with raising your voice or waiting until your door is finished opening to continue a conversation.

We recommend the Merlin SilentDrive Elite for double length Roller garage doors and the Essential for single length roller garage doors.

Merlin WeatherDrive

Simple, effective and robust. The Merlin WeatherDrive is the ideal motor to power your weather-exposed carport or shed roller door. With its ‘weather-resistant’ housing this motor has a market leading IP34 rated design to protect the motor from the elements.

We like to recommend the WeatherDrive to our customers when circumstances call for a motor that can take more than just the weight of your door but also the harsh conditions of your typical Australian weather.


“Smart, Simple, Secure” – an understatement when describing Automatic Technology Australia’s flagship lines of roller door openers. World-renowned as one of the leading international exports of Australian-made garage door openers, the GDO-6 EasyRoller & GDO-8 ShedMaster have come to represent the best of Australian manufacturing, boasting a weather-resistant design. If it can handle the Australian climate, it can handle just about any other.

The simplicity of these products and our confidence in this line of garage door openers allows us to recommend to our customers the option to install it themselves with the continued benefit of a 12 month warranty.

GDO-6 EasyRoller

This slim, low-profile Roller Door Opener is the go-to when looking for reliability and function. Offering an easy installation and long-life, the EasyRoller makes an ideal purchase for those looking for one of Australia’s most trusted roller door motors.

Unlike any other roller door opener, the GDO-6 features a “soft start soft stop” function, for added safety.

GDO-8 Shed Master

Perfect for perimeter doors and open carports, the GDO-8 Shed Master roller door opener is a world-ready motor showing off an impressive IP24 weather-resistant housing. It’s simple-to-use and tough in any harsh conditions.

The Shed Master however, is no simple brute. While we often recommend this motor for it’s ability to withstand significant weights it also features an Intelligent Safety System and Door Profiling – meaning the door adjusts itself when opening and closing or if blocked. Not only that but it comes with an in-built electronic and key lockout to prevent unauthorised entry or usage.


We can’t express enough the importance that the Guardian product range has had on the development and manufacturing of Australian garage door openers. If it’s older than 20 years (and still works) it’s most likely a Guardian motor. These openers have been the most popular sellers since their conception and now, with the RDO2 roller door opener, they have continued to maintain their relevance in today’s market.

In the event of a power outage, the RDO2 features a back-up battery and a newly re-designed manual clutch for non-automatic usage. Additionally, this hardy mechanism features an IP43 dust and water protection rating.

What you need to know

When purchasing a new motor, it is important to correctly pair your motor with the size and weight of your roller door. This is to ensure that the motor is able to easily open and close the door while not being unnecessarily expensive, as the more powerful motors are generally more expensive. It is also important to ensure the motor is not strained as it moves the weight of a door heavier than it is designed to work with.

For any further questions you might have about Roller Garage Doors and their openers, visit our FAQ page on Roller Doors

Eden Roc Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors are a great convenience for your home garage, workplace, or shed. It provides you with way to lock up your home and vehicle, and with the addition of a garage door opener, with the simple press of a button you can operate the roller door and never have to do the heavy lifting yourself again. Roller doors come in a variety of styles and colours to suit the desired aesthetic of your home.

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Roller Doors
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Types & Sizes of Roller Doors

While easy to forget, given their uniform design and recognisability, not every roller door is the same. Read on below for more information on the different types of roller doors that are readily available for installation.

Roller doors dimensions typically measure with a range of 1.2m – 5.0m wide and 0.9m – 5.2m high. On the condition your garage door opening sits somewhere within these ranges, a roller door can be installed. To simplify this, however, we categorise our garage doors according to their size and their material. These include:

Single Roller Doors

Single Garage Doors, often 2.1 meters high by 2.4 meters wide, are not always designed to fit through a single vehicle but are perfect for personnel and large equipment such as trolleys and lawn mowers.

Single Roller Door blue

Double Roller Doors

Double Doors, commonly sized for a space 2.1 meters high and 4.8 to 5.5 meters wide, can substitute a smaller sectional double garage door that would suit a carport designed for two vehicles. We recommend these doors for urban and industrial contexts or when the garage door cost plays a deciding factor in your purchase.

Roller Shutters

There is a common misconception that shutter doors and roller doors are one and the same. Instead they feature markedly dissimilar designs while serving the same purpose with their difference being added security. Roller Shutters are engineered with a series of interconnected horizontal steel slats that are near impenetrable without the help of major blunt force entry. They are incredibly sturdy but also heavy and can only be operated with powerful purpose-built roller shutter openers. For these reasons, we recommend Roller shutters for commercial and industrial circumstances.

At Eden Roc Garage Doors, we often refer our customers seeking Roller shutters for residential and suburban contexts to purchasing standard roller doors instead due to this misconception.

Commercial Roller Doors

Commercial Roller Doors are in a league of their own. Larger, heavier and with a purpose-built motor – these aren’t your standard shed door – their openers are optimised for businesses, both small and large. Often raised and lowered more than 30 times a day, their frequent use calls for indestructible designs and more security. They are, at all times, expected to prioritise withstanding collision, damage and wear over aesthetic given their frequent use in loading docks, commercial garages and multi-unit residential and emergency service complexes.

Insulated Roller Doors

Unfortunately, a roller door cannot be insulated. This is due to the fact that when a roller door is opened the sheet of metal is tightly furled into a cylinder. Adding an insulating material to the door would add too much thickness to the steel which would prevent the door from furling into as tight a cylinder, preventing the door from closing.

If you would prefer an insulated door, it is recommended that you instead explore whether an insulated garage door might be a viable option for you. Panel doors do not furl into a cylinder as roller doors do. Sectional garage doors are instead made from flat panels which you can enhance by adding insulating material added to them without preventing the door closing.

Roller Door Designs

There is not a lot of custom variation in roller door style and aesthetic choices. There is one relatively standard design whose colour is the only changing variable. Roller doors are made from Colorbond steel and as such, your door can be any colour from the Colorbond steel colour range.

To explore your roller door colour and style options; have a look through our gallery below or explore our Visualiser Tool.

Roller Garage Door Colours

Roller doors come in a variety of colours, including:

  • Classic Cream
  • Paperbark
  • Pale Eucalypt
  • Woodland Grey
  • Deep Ocean
  • Cottage Green
  • Manor Red
  • Night Sky
  • Surfmist
  • Evening Haze
  • Shale Grey
  • Dune
  • Cove
  • Windspray
  • Gully
  • Mangrove
  • Wallaby
  • Jasper
  • Basalt
  • Ironstone
  • Terrain
  • Monument
Colorbond Garage Door Colours

Roller Door Brands

There are a number of roller door manufacturers in Australia, but the main three suppliers are:

– Centurion
– B&D
– Steeline

Eden Roc Garage Doors supplies roller doors from Centurion, Steeline, and B&D for home owners right across Perth. In our experience, we have found that all three provide a great product such as reliable, good looking roller doors, for which we have no preference between these manufacturers.

While B&D do provide a ‘standard’ roller door model on par with the quality and style
of Centurion and Steeline, they also provide a series of roller doors which are of higher quality; the Delux Roll-a-Door Range. This design is more heavy-duty, durable and is quieter than their base-level roller door.

They are roughly ~30% more expensive than their standard roller door alternative. However, given the Delux Roll-a-Door is higher quality and has better longevity, if the customer has the budget for the Delux Roll-a-Door, we definitely recommend going with this roller door model.

Roller Door Prices

Roller doors start at around $1,000, but depending on the size and model and choice of roller door opener they can cost up to $6,000. While more costly we often recommend B&D’s Roll-a-door range for its added protection, strength, security and silent operation.

To get an accurate quote, feel free to get in touch with us on (08) 9303 9334 so we can advise you of the required roller door’s dimensions or feel free to visit our Garage Door Prices page for more information.

Roller Door Openers

Automatic openers are becoming a standard addition to roller garage doors because of their ease-of-use and brilliant value-for-cost. Here at Eden Roc Garage doors we offer our Western Australian customers a variety of brands and types of roller door openers that’ll suit all of models and environments.

When purchasing a new motor, it is important to correctly pair your motor with the size and weight of your roller door. This is to ensure that the motor is able to easily open and close the door while not being unnecessarily expensive, as the more powerful motors are generally more expensive. It is also important to ensure the motor is not strained as it moves the weight of a door heavier than it is designed to work with.

Which is the Best Roller Door Opener?

Our recommendation is the Merlin SilentDrive range of roller garage door openers. The Merlin SilentDrive range contains a number of motors of varying power that allow us to pair the appropriately powered motor with your door. These motors come with a 7-year warranty, the longest of any motor system on the Australian market and have proven themselves in the field consistently. We install the SilentDrive roller door motors far more than any other roller door motor. We believe they are the best motor on the market today, and with the ability to do away with the classic garage door remote control and be operated from your mobile phone, it’s also one of the most technologically advanced motors.

For more information on Roller Door Openers, visit our Roller Door Opener page and get browsing today!

Roller Door Service

Providing more than just the purchase of Garage doors and their parts, Eden Roc Garage Doors will provides garage door services such as repairs, maintenance and installation.


In the event of damage or malfunction, our garage door technicians can replace, fix and return your door to full working order. Prices will regularly vary according to the damage as well as the degree of work required to fulfil the promise we make to our customers when providing our services.

Eden Roc Technical Maintenance


Not all of our customers have the time, ability or technical knowledge to regularly maintain their Roller Garage Door. That is why, at Eden Roc Garage Doors, we offer regular maintenance services for our clients so that our doors can serve you far longer than expected.

Excluding the cost of replacements parts, we provide maintenance services at prices as low as $165. Regular maintenance can additionally ensure that your warranty is kept valid and applicable.


With each purchase of our doors and their openers, we insist that installation be carried out by a garage door specialist to ensure it is correctly installed for optimal and long-lasting use. Thanks to our expert team of garage door technicians and specialists, here at Eden Roc Garage Doors, we provide what is one of Perth’s most premium garage door installation services with every purchase.

For a more detailed look into the services we provide at Eden Roc Garage Doors, visit our Services
to find out more.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Roller Door Parts

Roller doors have a number of moving parts which will endure wear and tear. Eventually, these parts will break and require replacement. The most common roller door parts which require replacement are locks, keys and roller door tracks.

Lock & Keys

Roller door lock and keys sit in the middle of the roller door and are used to lock the roller door from the exterior and prevent the door being opened. Lock and keys do vary between roller door models, and if yours does break, the replacement lock will need to be paired to your door. We recommend taking a photo of the lock should it break and provide that image to your garage door part store or technician. They will be able to identify which roller door lock and key will pair with your door and will be able to provide you with the appropriate replacement.

Weather Seals

Preventing unwanted entry of pests, rain, wind, heat, leaves, fire embers and debris – Roller door seals provide you with greater security. Whether it be with a fixed brush or a rubber seal, these added parts can serve to block gaps and small entries in and around the edges of your door to maintain that your garage, shed or storage space remain clean – an integral addition for remote Australian residents.

Roller Door Tracks

Roller door tracks guide the roller door during the opening and closing phases to ensure that the roller door furls and unfurls correctly, preventing damage to the door. The tracks also ensure that it comes to rest in the correct position. When debris is caught within the tracks, this can cause unnecessary friction and wear down the system. 

Roller door tracks are also one of the most common roller door parts to acquire rust which will eat away at the tracks. When this occurs, the tracks should be taken out and replaced. Simply by performing a regular visual inspection of the them will help you prevent these issues from occurring. If rust or debris is found on the tracks, clean away the rust with dilute acid and remove the debris.

Track Lubricant

To retain the smooth and silent operation that your Garage door had when it was first installed, be sure to periodically lubricate the tracks. Not all lubricants are made particularly for this purpose however and some will potentially make raising and lowering your door increasingly difficult and therefore dangerous. That is why we recommend only using lubricant specifically designed for use on Garage Door tracks.

Additionally, we recommend that, before use, you wipe and clean away any build up of grime or dust on your tracks. This kind of dirt always builds up faster than you’d expect.

Looking to browse our diverse selection of roller door parts? Head on over to our online store!

Roller Door Safety

When installing your Roller Garage Door it is integral that you take into consideration the safety precautions necessary to protect yourself and your property against any potential incident. This is the benefit of purchasing and using an automatic roller door opener. With their purchase you can receive and request additional safety features such as PE infra-red beams, Auto-reverse systems and manual override leavers. These can all serve to prevent any collision, injury or damage to you, your belongings, residents or the door itself.

If you want to know more about the precautionary measures that come with our Garage Door Openers, we can recommend to you our page on Garage Door Safety for a more in-depth read.

Roller Door FAQs

A well maintained and looked after roller door can, and not limited to, last it’s owner as long as 20 years.

Roller Garage Doors are far more silent and less demanding in maintenance than Sectional Doors given their ease-of-use and basic operation. If you’re not concerned with achieving a customised or stylish aesthetic – roller garage doors might be the best option for you.

If the bottom seal of your garage door hasn’t deteriorated then their could have been a mistake in insulation or a malfunction the unfurling of your tracks. We recommend in these case that you seek the help of one of our Garage Door Specialists to investigate this issue.

Even without a sectional door that can be retro-fitted for insulation, you can still seek out weather proofing materials such as rubber seals for the edges of your roller garage door to prevent a wind draft entering in unnecessarily cooling down your garage or shed.

Our B&D, Steeline and Centurion Roller doors are manufactured in Australia from colorbond steel. They are durable, strong and long-lasting and can come in any colour available in the colorbond range.