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Safety & Security

Did you know that 75% of customers who have a garage door installed or replaced highlight their reason for the purchase to be safety and security? In recent years, home owners and landlords are becoming security conscious as a result of increasing crime statistics in Perth. 

Ways a garage door can add security to your home:

  1. Its often recognised that burglaries and theft take place because of an opportunity. Consider 2 cars parked over night in a carport versus an enclosed garage; one gives the opportunity for an easy and quick theft or car break in versus the other which requires more effort and noise to get to those cars parked inside. Garage doors act as a great deterrent for criminals looking for an opportunity to rummage through your cars and property in search for a quick score. Garage doors act as a visual deterrence and an extra barrier to your house and therefore discouraging any would be thieves from moving onto an easier target.
  2. Additional locking and monitoring devices: Depending on your type of garage door or situation, there are additional manual and automatic locking devices which can be installed or retro fitted to your garage door. Consider the option of App controlled garage door openers for total piece of mind as they will notify you of the garage door opening or closing regardless of your location (as long as you have mobile/Wi-Fi connection to your mobile device). Or check out the B&D auto lock which can complement a B&D Sectional garage door opener.
  3. The strength of the garage door construction: The materials of which your garage doors are constructed may reduce the potential of your garage being broken into. The tougher the material, the more noise and effort required to break the garage door.
  4. Don’t leave your garage door remotes in your car and easily accessible.
  5. Always ensure you leave your garage door closed- we often get into a routine where we trust our garage door to open and close; however, you should always ensure that your garage door is closed before taking your eye off it. An opened garage door makes it easily accessible to any one looking for the quick opportunity to grab your valuables out of you garage.
  6. If your remotes are stolen, there are easy ways to delete the remotes from your existing garage door opener. Your garage door opener manual will take you through the process, or contact Eden Roc garage doors for further information. There is always the option of disconnecting your garage door opener for complete peace of mind. 

Safety Factors to consider:

Is your sectional garage door Finger Safe? Do your panels have the potential to trap fingers between panels? Its not something you or your kids want to experience, so speak to Eden Roc Garage Doors to improve the safety and performance of your new garage door.

Regular maintenance (depending on your use) ensures the safe and functional operation of your garage door and auto opener. Professional garage door technicians have the knowledge and skill to ensure that your garage door is balanced, aligned and correct spring tension applied for the correct and safe operation of your sectional, tilt and roller door. All types of garage doors in Australia are spring tensioned, ensuring that the weight of the garage door is controlled by the torsion springs. Springs will often relax and settle over time, therefore physical inspection and regular maintenance is recommended on a periodic basis. We’ve seen many garage door problems which could have been prevented through regular, affordable servicing of the garage door. Urgent, unexpected repairs which eventuated from poor maintenance are too common in our day’s work and more emphasis should be placed on the single largest mechanical item within your home.