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Garage doors are a necessary part of running a home. They provide access to the garage and usually act as an entryway into the house.

Unfortunately, this means that they also represent one of the easiest points of entry for burglars who want to get into your home while you’re not there. Garage door security is something that should be taken seriously because it can significantly reduce your chances of being burgled.

Here we will discuss common garage door security options in-depth, so you can make an informed decision on which option suits you best!

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How does a secure garage door further protect your home?

This is why it is absolutely vital that you secure your garage door with the necessary features to protect your family and ward off strangers. Most burglars, like running water, will take the easiest and most simple path toward the entry. Australian homeowners regularly install a security gate on the front entry door of their house and there has now been a staggering increase of shutters on street-facing windows that ensures no one can enter that way either.

Most homeowners however forget that while a garage door is heavy, large, and made of steel – it is by far the easiest way one can force their way into your home.With as little as a crowbar, one can override the motor and force a roller and a sectional door up to its track – destroying the motor in the process.

It’s that simple and when your garage door often houses what may be your most expensive asset – your vehicles -it’s imperative you place some effort into locking and protecting your garage as much as any other entry into your home.

Can someone break into a garage door?

Yes, it is possible to break into a garage door. However, it is not an easy task and requires special tools and knowledge. Garage doors are designed to be strong and secure, so breaking into one is no simple feat.

However, if someone is determined enough, they can find a way to break into just about anything. Garage door safety is the most essential feature to install. You can’t leave the garage door open as it can result in the loss of your valuables.

What features can we install into your garage to make it safer from intrusion?

Garage security is the most essential thing and securing the emergency release is also essential. Here are the features you need to consider!

Garage door Lock

Garage door locks are one of the most common security measures. In fact, they’re extremely effective at protecting your garage from intruders and ensuring that only you can access it. Get the garage door connected to the lock and get the maximum benefits.

Regardless of your type of door, the opportunity will always be there to install a manual or automatic garage door or its rails so that your door can not be simply lifted up by an intruder or thief. These are the most basic and essential security measures one can have against break & entry crimes.

Smart Openers

Smart openers are a recent addition to the world of garage doors but are here to stay. While giving you the ability to remotely open your garage door from anywhere, they also hold the ability to inform you, wherever you are, as to whether your door is open or not. Preventing entry for outsiders when you may have accidentally left your door open. You can attach it to the release cord for better functioning.

LED Sensor detection lights

Additional Sensor lights in and outside of your garage can be a significant help by notifying you of any persons coming near or into your property. this can give you both sight of and a moment step ahead of any intrusion or theft about to take place.


Given the placement of sectional garage door openers at the center of the garage, some manufacturers have sought to capitalize on its vantage point and manufactured them with an additional fixed security camera that points down toward the door it opens. This thrifty design can help you identify and report intruders or thieves caught on this camera.


Deadbolts have proved a reliable means of keeping roller and sectional doors shut from outsiders. They serve to keep a door in place. The benefit of Sectional doors often is that they can feature a deadbolt mechanism for each panel. Making it impossible to manually lift the door up from the outside.

Garage door opener remote

Mobile and wall-attached garage door remotes can play a significant role in the security of your garage. We recommend to our customers that a lost garage door remote always be treated as one that may have gotten into the wrong hands.

Your home security can be at risk when a remote is misplaced as it can potentially give the power of your overhead garage door to a burglar. It is important and should be treated as an emergency with precautionary measures such as manually locking your garage door until you’ve replaced it. You can protect the overhead door and garage windows.

Merlin E148M Wireless Wall Button Remote Control

Wireless Keypads

Wireless keypads are an additional add-on that can allow residents to automatically open their roller door from the exterior of their home as if it were a standard wall remote. A keypad however will only work for those that know the passcode. This can be a very nifty gadget for those that enjoy leaving their home for a run or cycle without needing to unsafely hide or stash a remote somewhere outside the front of their property.

How you can better secure your garage?

Break-ins can be difficult to deal with and we recommend that you speak with police and insurance before us if you’ve had one – but if you’re seeking our guidance on how to prevent a breach in your home security then we recommend speaking to one of our specialists for some security tips detailing what you can do every day to prevent further emergency situations.

Lock the door, regularly

If you can, every day. When you go to sleep and especially when you go away for multiple days at a time.

Invest in automatic security locks

Automatic security locks keep your garage door down and locked when you’re not using it. Connected with the right garage door opener, these systems with release and unlock first before allowing your garage to open, and will cover you from break-ins every time the door is shut.

Assess your landscaping

While it sounds absurd, be sure to review the placement of bushes and trees surrounding your property and specifically your garage door. At night, cover such as this can go a long way in allowing burglars, intruders, criminals, and voyeurs from having a place to hide that may be too close to your property than comfort allows.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Install a Garage Door Opener

While this might be a no-brainer for the many section door owners out there, the majority of roller doors can be operated and are often not fitted with an automatic opener. A system as simple as the Merlin SilentDrive will give users the opportunity to lock, protect, and power additional security features around their garage.

Service your door regularly

We speak about this a lot at Eden Roc Garage Doors but it’s not for our own sake. A regularly maintained garage door will go a long way and can play a significant role in protecting your home. Balancing the tension of your door’s springs is a major part of our technician’s responsibilities when maintaining your door and this can be safe as well as give it a greater life expectancy. A door that is over tensioned and unlocked can require very little to no effort to raise. Keeping your door in check might be the deciding factor in whether or not you’re calling the police or getting on with life without trouble.

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