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Perth Garage Doors


Eden Roc Garage Doors is a full-service garage door company based in Perth, Western Australia. We service, repair, maintain and install all types of garage doors for both residential and commercial clients.

Our online shop is where customers can buy springs, parts, and remote controls for their existing garage door.


Perth Garage Doors


Eden Roc Garage Doors is a full-service garage door company based in Perth, Western Australia. We service, repair, maintain and install all types of garage doors for both residential and commercial clients.

Our online shop is where customers can buy springs, parts, and remote controls for their existing garage door.

We provide doors from all major Perth manufacturers such as Centurion, Steeline and B&D to name just a few; and we offer a great range of openers from the best brands like Merlin, ATA, and Guardian at a competitive price.

If you would like to get more information about our range of products or the professional services we offer, then contact us today!

We Provide 5-Star Service

Just ask our customers!
Great company to deal with, from first contact, admin team and installer, we are very happy with our new garage door. Thanks Brad and the team at Eden Roc!
I just had a new garage door motor fitted. The tech turned up right on time ... he gave me a full run down on the warranty, how it operates, what future upgrade options I have etc. Very pleased and highly recommend.
Such an amazing and efficient company to deal with. From the first phone call to the installation of my new roller door motor...everything was so professionally handled. I would not hesitate to recommend Eden Roc Garage Doors.

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New Garage Doors

New Custom Gold Eden Roc Garage Doors Installed Door

If you are searching for a garage door to suit the style of your home, visit our showroom in Perth to see the full range of doors we offer.

Our range includes doors from all major Australian manufacturers, and we only stock door brands that we have had the opportunity to test out for durability, additional features and quality – so you can be sure your new garage door installation is perfect for your home or business.

The type of garage door that’s right for you will depend largely on the size of the garage door opening as well as personal preference – whether you prefer an automatic opener or manual opening mechanism; auto-reverse sensors; remote control operation with keypad entry code etc.

With the largest range of garage doors in WA, we have  a door to suit your style and budget.


A photo of your home's exterior will give you the best visual of your new garage door!


Position the 'virtual door' in the photo exactly where it will be installed - over the top of your existing door!


Find the best style and colour combination to match your home's colour palette and aesthetic!

Our Catalogue

Browse our range of doors, shop online now anywhere in Australia or visit our garage door spare parts shop. We proudly offer all doors from all major Perth manufacturers and stock the biggest range of garage door spare parts in Australia.

Check out our catalogue!

Garage Door Quotes

Garage Door Quotes

Quotes on a new garage door can start at $800 for the most budget-friendly roller door.

For a free quote, contact us today; alternatively, visit our garage doors Perth Prices page where we give you a pricing breakdown of garage doors and their installation from all the all major manufacturers including Centurion Garage Doors, Steeline and B&D to name just a few.

Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

Regular garage door servicing is one of the most common door service requests we receive from customers.

We provide regular annual servicing for both residential and commercial clients across Perth to prevent any issues from occurring, and the inconvenience of the cost of repairs.

Our service includes lubricating the tracks, balancing the door, re-tensioning springs, testing safety features on your door, and more.

Servicing is recommended every 24 months after installation; then annually thereafter to get the most out of your garage door and keep it working without issue for many years to come.

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

Repairs are a large part of what we do at Eden Roc Garage Doors. Should your garage door become damaged by a vehicle impact or wear and tear, we’ll be here to help you and our Perth customers!

We can quickly diagnose the issue with your door, fix it for you in no time and offer a repair of all makes of doors in any condition; or a replacement, should that be the most cost-efficient solution.

So if you are having problems that need fixing, give us a call today on 9303 9334. Or alternatively, visit our Repairs page for more information on the repairs we offer.

Our Services


We install all door types, including roller doors, sectional garage doors, as well as commercial roller doors.

Emergency Service - Damaged Garage Door

ASAP Emergency Make Safe

We offer a 24 Hour turn-around Emergency Make-Safe Service for people who cannot close their garage door to ensure your home is safe and secure.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance ensures your door is working efficiently and safely and to prevent costly and potentially  dangerous issues from arising.

Commercial Garage Door

Commercial Service

An annually recurring commercial service will ensure your business meets the OH&S requirements, keeping both your workers and your customers safe.

Roller Doors

Roller Doors

Made from a pleated sheet of steel, a roller door is a great option for those who have a limited budget or are simply looking for a door that is simple, efficient, and reliable.

Their style is sleek, compact, and strong to provide strength and security to your home; while still giving you some stylistic choice as roller doors can come in any of the Colorbond colours.

Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors, also known as panel lift doors, are the most popular type of door for Australian homes. These doors come in a range of colours and styles to ensure there is a sectional garage door to suit your Perth home!

Residential Doors

Retro Fitted Insulated Doors Insta

Insulated Doors

Insulated garage doors are the perfect choice for homes that opt to use their garage as an additional live-in space.

The panels’ insulation ensures your home’s temperature is regulated and comfortable all year round and is ideal if you’re in a climate where temperatures fluctuate dramatically throughout the day/year.

Custom Doors

A great choice for those with a higher budget as these doors can be designed to suit the specific needs of your property and garage space.

Eden Roc TImberlook Garage Doors

Timber-look Doors

Timberlook garage doors are perfect for homes who want the natural colour, and rustic look or those wanting to add some character to their property without enduring the cost and maintenance issues that come with the materials of ‘true’ wood and cedar doors.

Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors

Commercial garage doors – aka, industrial doors – are designed to withstand the rigors of a commercial environment.

Made from steel, these huge industrial roller doors and roller shutters are made with top quality materials that will protect your property, vehicles, staff, and customers.

Eden Roc Garage Doors offer all types of commercial doors, from manual garage doors for shops and store fronts to huge automatic lift gate openers for larger or more complicated industrial installations such as those found in shopping centres or car parks where access is restricted by security gates.

Our clients include large organisations such as schools, hospitals, councils etc. For these commercial clients, Eden Roc can also provide emergency service 24 hours per day/365 days per year when required which means if anything goes wrong at any time we are just a phone call away from fixing it!

To find pricing information on Eden Roc Garage Doors’ doors and door products please visit our Prices page, or our store in Wangara, Perth.

Our Manufacturers

Eden Roc Garage Doors is a WA owned and locally operated business who uses only the highest quality materials and products from the likes of Centurion, B&D doors, Steeline, Danmar, ATA, Merlin, & Superlift; the major Western Australia manufacturers.

Centurion Garage Door Logo
B&D Logo
Steel Line Logo
Danmar Garage Doors Logo
ATA Logo
Merlin Logo

Door Manufacturers

Centurion Garage Door Logo


Centurion is a Perth-based company, leading the manufacturing of residential garage doors. Their range of Colorbond colour steel roller doors and sectional doors is extensive and includes a number of style to suit your home.

Danmar Garage Doors Logo

Danmar Doors

Danmar Doors manufactures a custom range of garage doors to suit those higher budgets. Their quality products while being more expensive offer excellent value for money, which is why they have been installed in thousands of homes across Australia.

Steel Line Logo


Steeline has been a company manufacturing high-quality Colorbond steel garage doors for residential customers and business customers alike.

B&D Logo


B&D Doors is a Perth-based company with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and installing garage doors. One of the leading manufacturers, they are able to provide customers with an excellent range of panels and door designs – from traditional styles through to contemporary artistry!

Garage Door Online Shop

Our online shop is where customers can buy springs, parts, accessories, and remote controls for their existing garage doors.

We provide a huge range of replacement parts for the wide range of openers from the best brands like Merlin, ATA, and Guardian; as well as all other kinds of spare parts that may be required to keep your door in good working order.

Whether you need entry keypads, garage safety & security system, or motors – Eden Roc Garage Doors has got it!

Replacement Parts


Garage door remotes can be tricky – not every remote works with every motor! Thankfully, our extensive range of transmitters means we will have a controller to pair with your motor, regardless of make or model.

Replacement Parts

Should any part of your garage door set up break, start to wear, or be developing rust, you can easily buy that part online and have it delivered quickly to your door to keep your door in good working order.

Garage Door Springs


Garage door springs are easily the most important component of your door. These spring’s tension takes the strain and bears the weight of the heavy, garage door to ensure that the opener can operate smoothly with minimal power allowing you to open and close your garage as required.



Garage door openers – aka, motors – come in two main types; roller and sectional openers.

Remote Garage Door Openers

Remote Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers – aka, motors – come in two main types; roller and sectional openers.

These openers are electrically operated devices which opens and closes a garage door when activated by pressing a button on the corresponding remote control.

Eden Roc prefers the Merlin and ATA residential openers for their high quality, reliability, safety features, warranty, price, and new garage door smart-technology.

Door Openers
Merlin Sectional Garage Door Opener

Merlin Openers

Merlin openers are a popular choice for homeowners because of their reliability, ease-of-use, add-on accessories, and new smart MyQ technology.

Their two ranges are the Silent Drive openers for use with a roller door, and the Commander openers for use with sectional and tilt garage doors. All openers in these ranges are quiet, strong, reliable, and (most) come with an industry-best 7-year warranty.

Whist branded differently, Grifco openers and Merlin openers are the same range of openers. The openers designed for use with the largest of industrial roller shutters branded as Grifco.

Centurion Openers

Centurion offers openers designed for use with a sectional garage door; with their Euro range being the openers we recommend. Unique to this range is the in-built camera which you will not find in competitor openers.

ATA Openers

ATA openers are widely used in Perth’s market today. Their powerful openers carry several benefits such as reliability, affordability, quiet operation, and are simple to use.

ATA’s prime opener ranges are the GDO range designed to be paired with a roller door, and the ATS range, designed to be used with sectional garage doors.

Guardian Openers

Guardian openers – especially the 21230L – have been an incredibly popular choice and dominant in Perth’s residential garage door industry across the last 25 years; and while their openers’ technology is a bit outdated, guardian openers remain prevalent throughout Perth due to their reliability.

Perth Garage Door Company

Perth Garage Door Company

For all your garage doors Perth needs reach out to our business – Eden Roc Garage Doors – by phone on 9303 9334 or via the form on our Contact page.

We will happily provide a free measure quote for the install of a new roller door or sectional door and can recommend the best door motor package for your residential commercial property. Simply inquire, and we’ll estimate the price of any repair your system requires. If yours is not a perth garage door, know that we can ship any replacement part from our online store anywhere in Australia!

Service Areas

Perth Metro Area

We service all customers in the Perth metro area.

Wangara: Garage Door Showroom

Visit our Wangara showroom at 105 Excellence Drive, Wangara 6065.
We're open Mon - Fri from 8:00am - 5:00pm and Sat 8:00am - 12:00pm (noon).

Southern Suburbs: Rockingham & Mandurah

We service customers in Perth's South as well, including Rockingham, but can go as far south as Mandurah.

Northern Suburbs: Joondalup & Two Rocks

We service customers in Perth's North, including Joondalup, and can go as far north as Two Rocks.

The Latest Garage Door Information

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Garage Door Safety

Whether your a first time home builder or are looking to replace your garage door – safety is never your